My Techie Husband

I didn’t know having a techie husband could be costly. Or maybe I knew all along and I was just pretending not to know. If there’s one vice that my husband is addicted to, it would be gadgets. He has always been fascinated with anything IT-related. It must be because of his work, or he just really wants to get updated on the latest gadgets and acquire them if he has the resources to do so.

Last week, he attended a week-long IT governance seminar held at a government agency located somewhere in Quezon City. He said he learned a lot from it and now he wants to gain more knowledge by attending an ITIL governance seminar abroad. How ambitious! If the expenses will be paid wholly by his company, why not? If that’s not the case, I guess he better waits for the opportunity to come his way. Haha.

But don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly support my hubby’s every endeavor, career-related or otherwise. 🙂

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