Back to Work

My vacation is over and I’m now back to work. It’s Monday and you can sense the busyness in the air. I felt a bit excited but awkward this morning when I entered the office, but eventually got focused and productive. As I had expected, I got bombarded with questions about my health and overall well-being. I just answered them either with a one-sentence reply or a plain smile. I dunno but maybe I was just not my usual, talkative self yet.

Being back to work after two months of vacation is something new to me. It was my first time to experience a maternity leave and the result of my pregnancy wasn’t exactly something to be happy about. I was clueless as to how things would go once I have gotten back in the office. But at the rate things went today at work, I think I did quite okay.

I’m officially back! Everything job-related will be back to normal for me. I am so making the most of it all. :)

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