Hand-Me-Down Shoes

Used goods that are passed on to family or friends for free are called hand-me-downs. Aside from showing generosity, I think we give out hand-me-down stuff to avoid wastage of things that could still be useful to other people.

I have given out used things before and will continue to do so with my excess, may it be clothing, accessories or household items. I have also experienced receiving hand-me-downs from relatives and friends. When I was a kid living in the province, for instance, Iโ€™d get pre-loved clothes from my cousins living in Manila every summer. Yes, every summer vacation, theyโ€™d visit us and give me hand-me-downs (that were still in mint condition!) to my childish delight.

Up until this day, I occasionally receive hand-me-downs from friends. Just this morning, I got two pairs of shoes from a family friend living in the US. They are still in very good condition. I would have gotten more pairs had I not declined because they donโ€™t fit.

Juicy Couture wedge sandals and Stuart Weitzman platform sandals

Giving out of hand-me-downs almost always happen among siblings of the same sex. In our family, my clothes that no longer fit automatically go to my two sisters. They get choosy sometimes, but most of the time they like my clothes and wear them. Same thing applies to my shoes, accessories and other stuff. Haha.

Do you also give and receive hand-me-downs? ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 Replies to “Hand-Me-Down Shoes”

    1. Hay naku sis, super taas ng heels. Hindi ko keribels, hirap ako. I gave it away already to a cousin who loves to dress up. Perfect solution! ๐Ÿ™‚

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