Online Garage Sale

I’ve talked about earning money by selling pre-loved stuff before. Recently, my superfriend Nice had thought of putting up an online garage sale and I liked the idea. I asked her if I could include some of my items in it and she agreed. Cool.

As of now, I only have two items up for sale in her All-Must-Go Online Garage Sale: a Canon 1000D and a Play Station 3. If you’re interested, they’re priced at just P12, 500 each only. Both are still in very good condition and knowing the hubby who’s very neat and careful with his stuff, you can be assured that what you are buying have been well-maintained and more importantly, well-loved.

I’ve yet to scrutinize my closet for clothing items that I wanna sell as well. Perhaps, I’ll have the time this weekend to do that. I’ll let you guys know next week! 🙂

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