Office Makeover

Things are looking up in the office, aesthetically speaking. This morning, our director, who has a background in interior design, arrived and gave our office a sort of makeover. Immediately after, we found ourselves moving furniture, tables and cabinets. Several art works were hung on the wall which brightened our surroundings instantly.We also did some cleaning and decluttering to complement the mini renovation going on. After a few hours, our office looked a loooot better.

a glimpse of our office

The size of the work place affects productivity in a good way, and so is its look. I, for one, get more motivated completing my tasks for the day when my surroundings look nice. But it’s not to say that I can’t work in a not so neat environment, because I can. I can even work just as good in a noisy place. So long as I’m not hungry or depressed, I can finish my tasks.

But working in an office with nice art works hanging on the wall and equally nice, potted Eugenia plants in almost every corner? Well, it can do wonders to my productivity level. Not only that, it’s also good for my senses and worth waking up early during workdays.

When was the last time your office had a makeover? Did you like the outcome?

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