Poor Women’s Intuition

I have always believed that women can read minds, or at least sense things. The term ‘women’s intuition’ is no longer new. In the modern world, it is normally associated with infidelity when married guys cheat on their wives and the latter would find out about it either through body language or just by sensing that there is something wrong with the former’s behavior.

Women’s intuition is at play even outside marriage. In the workplace, for instance, I can easily tell if my co-workers like me or not. I don’t have to ask them. I just can feel it. I can also know by observing how they treat me as compared with how they treat my other co-workers.

Most of the time, however, my intuition is wrong. I tend to be very suspicious of other people’s actions only to find out later that my suspicions are baseless and far from being real. Funny but it happens to me all the time. Now I’d like to believe I have poor ‘women’s intuition,’ if that’s how you’d call it.

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