Goal No. 1: Lose Weight!

I want to start the year right. Topping my 2011 goals is losing weight. Unlike others who have only gained a few pounds after the holidays, I welcomed 2011 with 20 unwanted pounds. Yes, not just one or four but 20. Imagine that. I’m bordering on obesity and I’m very alarmed. I know in my heart I have to do something about it.

the chubby me, not a good sight methinks

I have started dieting last week. So far, I have already lost four pounds. Some may think it’s fast but fortunately for me, I have this way of losing weight that only my body can understand. Hopefully, I could go back to my ideal weight of 115 in the coming weeks.

Discipline is key to losing weight. Sometimes I have that, sometimes I don’t. But having experienced the insane feeling of heaviness for weighing 140 lbs. forced me to do something. I thought I couldn’t live like that anymore. Who wouldn’t if your confidence and motivation suddenly dropped? I even resisted the urge to go out because I got too lazy dressing up knowing I’d just look terrible.

My decision to lose weight is a personal choice. I want to gain back my discipline when it comes to food and eating. Only through this that I could regain my ideal weight, my confidence and old self.

So yeah, losing weight is my top goal for 2011. Join me in this journey to lose the big 20, one step at a time. 🙂

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