On a Diet, Seriously

I’ve realized weekends make me forget about dieting. You know, when I’m stuck at home and work is temporarily non-existent, all I wanna do is to cook, cook, cook and eat, eat, eat. It makes me forget that I’ve been meaning to lose my pre-pregnancy weight for months now.

bad dieting
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To remind myself about losing weight, I made a monitoring sheet in an Excel file which I now update daily. Yes, daily. So I don’t forget. I stand on top of the weighing scale every weekday morning and get my weight. It’s my way of knowing if I gained or not. So smart, right? Haha.

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Weight Lost is Weight Gained

What I lose is what I gain. Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about my weight. I’m really having a hard time losing the pounds I gained when I was pregnant. I blame it to the lack of discipline on my part.

From 167 lbs., I now weigh 137. I lost the 30 pounds during my maternity leave and it was a breeze for me. When I got back to work, my appetite got back as well. And in full swing, mind you. It doesn’t help that this is the Christmas season, what with the many food gifts I have been receiving and enjoying in the past weeks.

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Disciplined Eating

Once again, I have started to get serious about my weight loss. I tried disciplined eating last weekend and it seemed to have worked. I lost a pound in two days. I plan to continue this and hope to see greater results this week.

What is disciplined eating? I define it as watching what I eat and adhering to a diet plan strictly. The process entails a lot of discipline and hence, the name. I dunno but I just woke up one day and told myself that I need to get back into shape. I want to go back to the body that I’m comfortable with.

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Do You Watch What You Eat?

The weighing scale doesn’t lie. I have really gained a lot of weight in the past three months. From 128, I now weigh 138. That’s ten big pounds! My clothes don’t fit me anymore and I have a hard time controlling what goes into my mouth. Do you watch what you eat? Is it really effective to do so especially if you want to lose weight?

I just made a food monitoring sheet of sorts. I want to document what I eat and hope that through this method, I could stop gaining more unwanted pounds. It’s not that I hate my body, it’s just that I don’t think overeating is healthy. Also, I want to lose weight naturally. If I don’t see any improvements in my weight, then I might just get the best fat burners to help me eliminate all my excesses.

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Updates on My 2011 Weight Loss Journey

I started 2011 feeling heavy at 138 lbs. I used to be a 120, you know. One month has passed and along with it came a happy development – I lost 6 lbs! That makes me a 132-pounder, 27 year-old gal. This is good news and makes me want to work harder to reach my ideal weight of 115 which is where one of my 2011 goals revolves around.

I have never planned to be skinny just to be called skinny, if you know what I mean. I think I have already come to terms with my own body. I know that being thin doesn’t go well with my overall appearance. My eyes would bulge out and I’d lose my boobs and my butt. I can only go as far as 115 that’s why it has become my ideal weight ever since.

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Goal No. 1: Lose Weight!

I want to start the year right. Topping my 2011 goals is losing weight. Unlike others who have only gained a few pounds after the holidays, I welcomed 2011 with 20 unwanted pounds. Yes, not just one or four but 20. Imagine that. I’m bordering on obesity and I’m very alarmed. I know in my heart I have to do something about it.

the chubby me, not a good sight methinks

I have started dieting last week. So far, I have already lost four pounds. Some may think it’s fast but fortunately for me, I have this way of losing weight that only my body can understand. Hopefully, I could go back to my ideal weight of 115 in the coming weeks.

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