Weight Lost is Weight Gained

What I lose is what I gain. Yes, you read that right. I’m talking about my weight. I’m really having a hard time losing the pounds I gained when I was pregnant. I blame it to the lack of discipline on my part.

From 167 lbs., I now weigh 137. I lost the 30 pounds during my maternity leave and it was a breeze for me. When I got back to work, my appetite got back as well. And in full swing, mind you. It doesn’t help that this is the Christmas season, what with the many food gifts I have been receiving and enjoying in the past weeks.

Actually, I monitor my weight using a bathroom scale every morning. I noticed that my weight in the past few days falls between 137 to 140 lbs. Haaay, I need to shed off at least 20 more pounds to get back to my ideal weight. Good luck to me!

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