I started using Photoshop on my photos in 2003. I had just started working then. I used to replace faces of celebrities with my own face. Haha. I mastered the technique after reading various tutorials online.

But ask me to do the same thing today and I won’t budge. Why? Because I’ve totally forgotten about them now! I was just good then because I had tutorials to follow. My Photoshop skills are now back to zero. Poor me.

I used to have Photoshop installed in my PC but I changed computers a couple of times and my Photoshop installer suddenly went missing. I have a new friend who’s a photographer and has good Photoshop skills. Yesterday, he taught me some cool techniques and showed me a print shop website online where I could have my edited photos printed. Suddenly, I missed photoshopping!

I hope to rekindle my love for Photoshop soon. And with my friend’s help. 🙂

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