On a Diet, Seriously

I’ve realized weekends make me forget about dieting. You know, when I’m stuck at home and work is temporarily non-existent, all I wanna do is to cook, cook, cook and eat, eat, eat. It makes me forget that I’ve been meaning to lose my pre-pregnancy weight for months now.

bad dieting
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To remind myself about losing weight, I made a monitoring sheet in an Excel file which I now update daily. Yes, daily. So I don’t forget. I stand on top of the weighing scale every weekday morning and get my weight. It’s my way of knowing if I gained or not. So smart, right? Haha.

When I said diet, it just means cutting back on my calorie intake. I’m not following a certain diet program or exercise. I don’t think I can religiously follow one, anyway. I’ve done this before, I can definitely do it again.

I need to take this diet thing seriously. I really should. Or I run the risk of not fitting into my new clothes. Actually, I haven’t fitted in any of them yet. Which is one great reason why I need to lose weight. 🙂

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