Weekend Story: Biking with Friends + Carbohydrate Addiction

These days, the hubby and I get to bike on weekends and we truly enjoy this activity. Last weekend, for instance, we spent our Sunday biking in Bacoor and Las Piñas with my two officemates and a couple of their friends. For this particular ride, we biked a total of 36.2 kms. This is our longest, so far. I can’t wait to break our personal record!

with the hubby and my two biker officemates
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I want to be a flexitarian.

A semi-vegetarian or flexitarian diet is described on Wikipedia as “one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat products. Lately, I’ve been thinking of adopting this kind of diet primarily for my weight loss efforts. I wouldn’t mind reaping its health benefits in the long run, too.

Types of Vegetarians
Image Source: http://sciencequestionnaire.blogspot.com

The last time I checked my weight (just this morning!), it was 126 lbs. I’m 5’4″ tall and wear a size M, sometimes L. My weight usually goes up to 130 lbs. during weekends (when I tend to overeat!) and go back to 124 lbs. during weekdays when I get to control my appetite (most of the time, ehem). That’s been the case for me in the past months and somehow, I’m a bit disappointed with the results of my weight loss efforts so I’m thinking, maybe this flexitarian diet could work on me. Haha.

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Dieting Blues

The past weeks have been quite gloomy for me when it comes to dieting. My weight has been stuck at this particular measurement that not’s worth mentioning. It would change one or two pounds lower one day, but would go back to the old measurement the next day. Bummer. I complained about this to a friend and she said I’m still lucky I don’t gain weight continuously. My weight just changes a little and then goes back, and that’s it.

I had recently devised a plan of going into serious diet mode during the weekends but it didn’t work. I almost always ended up overeating during the weekends. Good for my husband, but bad for me. Or should I say, the plan was bad in the first place? I forgot to consider the fact that weekends are the only time I get to cook, and that whenever I’m cooking, my appetite instantly gets awakened.

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Back to the Gym

After years of not going to the gym, I’m now into it again. I’m trying to lose more weight, so why not? Thrice a week ain’t bad. I mean, instead of being a couch potato after going home from work, I might as well burn some calories on the treadmill. The fact that the use of the gym is free (courtesy of the office) makes it all the more enjoyable and fuss-free.

As much as I want to spend two hours in the gym, I can only stay for an hour or when I get lucky, an hour and a half. I usually get to the gym at 6pm and the people there starts to leave just when I’m about to lift weights at 7:30. I don’t think I can work out alone, you know, what with the ghost stories I heard about the building, particularly the 4th floor where the gym is. One story even tells of a trade printer in an office running unmanned. Scary!

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GM Diet, Day 3

GM Diet Day-by-Day Account: Day 1, Day 2

Today, January 24, 2013, is my Day 3 on the GM Diet. Two days of dieting isn’t a joke. My body is new to all the diet changes I had introduced and I have to admit I felt weak the past two days. Blame that to the lack of carbohydrates which give us energy. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I”ll make sure to see the end of this diet challenge.

Here’s what Day 3 is all about:

Day Three A mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet. No potatoes today.

Day 3 Weight: 136 lbs. (lost 3 lbs. since Day 1)
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On a Diet, Seriously

I’ve realized weekends make me forget about dieting. You know, when I’m stuck at home and work is temporarily non-existent, all I wanna do is to cook, cook, cook and eat, eat, eat. It makes me forget that I’ve been meaning to lose my pre-pregnancy weight for months now.

bad dieting
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To remind myself about losing weight, I made a monitoring sheet in an Excel file which I now update daily. Yes, daily. So I don’t forget. I stand on top of the weighing scale every weekday morning and get my weight. It’s my way of knowing if I gained or not. So smart, right? Haha.

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