Back to the Gym

After years of not going to the gym, I’m now into it again. I’m trying to lose more weight, so why not? Thrice a week ain’t bad. I mean, instead of being a couch potato after going home from work, I might as well burn some calories on the treadmill. The fact that the use of the gym is free (courtesy of the office) makes it all the more enjoyable and fuss-free.

As much as I want to spend two hours in the gym, I can only stay for an hour or when I get lucky, an hour and a half. I usually get to the gym at 6pm and the people there starts to leave just when I’m about to lift weights at 7:30. I don’t think I can work out alone, you know, what with the ghost stories I heard about the building, particularly the 4th floor where the gym is. One story even tells of a trade printer in an office running unmanned. Scary!

So yeah, I’m back to the gym and hopefully, it’s gonna be for good. 🙂

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