Moody No More

I’m one of the many women who regularly go through the difficult and insane phase called pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). I get really irritable, stubborn and impatient whenever my period is arriving. I’m just glad the hubby is already used to this phenomenon. He becomes more patient with me and just let me be on days leading to my menstruation.

Two months after my emergency cs, I started having my period back. Somehow, I felt normal again. To be honest, a part of me wished to conceive as soon as possible but it isn’t safe and it isn’t the best thing to do. Also, getting pregnant is not on our list of priorities this 2013, paying our debts and saving up more money are.

I was in a foul mood last week and the hubby didn’t fail to notice that I was merely PMS-ing. But he didn’t tease me about it (like he used to!) because he knew he wouldn’t like my response at all. I got my period this morning and minutes later my behaviour has dramatically improved already. I’m moody no more and I think this post proves just that! 🙂

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