Getting Back My Passion for Reading

Last year, as much as I wanted to read books, I have only read a few and this was mostly during my maternity leave when I got stuck at home doing nothing. I have to admit I missed reading books, the real ones, if I may add. I used to read e-books and in fact, I still do, but there’s something about real books that make them more enjoyable to read.

I dunno but recently, I’ve felt that I wanted to spend my free time (at night and during weekends) reading real books at home. I suddenly missed turning pages, staring at texts, imagining the characters in my head, and feeling the book in my hands as if it was part of my existence. I suddenly missed reading. And now, I feel like acquiring books, though not necessarily new ones because pre-owned books are just as interesting.

I was at BookSale-SM Manila branch last night and got myself three books. If my memory serves me right, this is just the second time I’ve bought books from that shop. The first one was a book titled “Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating” by Geneen Roth. I purchased it for a measly price of P25. Actually, I always check out BookSale when I’m in the mall but I leave the shop empty-handed most of the time. Now that my passion for reading has come alive again, I’ll make sure to get some books on each visit.

all three books from BookSale for less than P100!

I’m not choosy when it comes to books and book genres. But just like everyone, I have my favorites: self-help, inspirational, classic, multicultural, historical fiction, health and fitness, and food and lifestyle. I read chick-lit, too. Well, the truth is, if I find the topic or plot interesting, I’d give it a try.

Any book recommendations? 🙂

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