Breast Cancer Scare

I just learned from my aunt that a distant female relative had died of breast cancer. I find her death quite tragic and untimely because she was only in her late 30s. From what I gathered, she’d been married but with no children. Actually, her brother was my classmate and buddy from elementary to high school. I immediately sent my condolences to their bereaved family.

If I’m not mistaken, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women. While fibrosystic breast condition (or the presence of breast lumps and breast pain before and during menstruation) is common among women in their childbearing years, it is still very important that we get rid of this. A breast lump that’s benign at first can eventually develop into a malignant tumor.

After a little research, I gathered these tips from medical professionals that could improve your fibrosystic breast condition or even make it disappear for good:

1. Eliminate caffeine in your diet and instead, take more fatty acids and eat more fruits and vegetables.
2. Go bra-less.
3. Take evening prim rose oil and Vitamin E (both are in capsule form).
4. Exercise.
5. Avoid getting stressed as much as possible.

Upon hearing the sad news of my relative’s demise, I became quite paranoid thinking about my risks of getting the dreaded disease. And then I remembered it’s time for me to go back to my Ob-Gyne at UST Hospital for my annual medical check-up. So it’s been a year since my last papsmear and the last time a doctor performed a physical exam of my mammaries? Oh how time flies. I better ask for an appointment now.

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