Great Deals at Ensogo Philippines

I love great deals! When I see one, I examine it closely and when it’s as real as it looks, I buy it. Groupon (group coupon) sites have sprouted like wild mushrooms in Manila. Their marketing approach is very simple and straightforward. They make deals available in batches (100 to 3000 vouchers or more at any given time) and sell them to people online. It’s like having a personal shopper where good deals are laid on the table for your picking. Discounts can go as high as 80%. Payments are made thru credit cards, banks and even Paypal. The more you buy, the more you get to save money.

Among the many groupon sites today, I have become quite loyal to Ensogo Philippines ( This groupon site that orginated in Thailand has many exciting offers to choose from and whose prices I find pocket-friendly. They have deals for everyone, from restaurant treats and travel packages to beauty and pampering services. I like that they come up with new offers sooner and the validity dates (the length of time you are allowed to use/avail a service) of their vouchers are longer that those offered by other groupon sites. Plus, you earn credits (1 point equals P1) in some of their deals which you could then use in your future transactions.

I started buying from Ensogo last month. And I couldn’t stop ever since. A few minutes before I began typing this post, I have taken away three vouchers from the site for a Spiral dinner buffet with a glass of wine at Sofitel Manila. I have heard so much good things about it so I didn’t let the opportunity pass. I got the vouchers for 50% off. From P3,150, it’s now P1,575 per voucher. Isn’t that a cheapo? This deal is still on so you might wanna avail some, too!

I think groupon sites are here to stay because generally, people love great deals at bargain prices. We should just be wise when buying vouchers by reading the details of each deal and availing vouchers only when you really need one and your finances can afford it. Don’t go overboard otherwise you’ll end up accumulating more debts than you could ever want. That’s very important.

I’ll be giving out some tips on using groupon sites to one’s advantage soon.

Do you also love great deals and online shopping? What’s your favorite groupon site these days?

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