Acne and Pregnancy

Aside from morning sickness, one of the changes that pregnant women get to experience is skin breakout. Acne seems to grow like crazy on most pregnant women’s faces normally during the first trimester. I dunno with you, but I know some people who even go as far as getting acne treatments done and keep their face oil-free as much as possible by using seaclear or other safe oil-control products in the market.

I’m just glad that my pregnancy isn’t sensitive at all. No morning sickness, no bed rest, no skin breakouts, no nothing. I guess I’m just lucky. After all, they say every pregnancy is different. And I believe that. Hopefully, my pregnancy stays complaint-free and smooth-sailing until I give birth.

Speaking of my pregnancy, my next OB appointment is on June 2 and I’m starting to get nervous and paranoid all over again. I hope everything’s okay with our baby. I pray for that everyday. 🙂

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