Our Second Pregnancy Story: Meet Nazarene Joy, Our Rainbow Baby

It was the second week of June 2019 when the hubby and I learned that we were pregnant. My mens was delayed and I suddenly had this strange feeling that I might be pregnant and what do you know, the home pregnancy test I took turned out to be positive! We saw the Ob-Gyne on June 22nd but we didn’t get to do an ultrasound until July 6th and that was when we confirmed that we were really expecting. Of course, both of our extended families were ecstatic about the good news. As for the hubby and me, we were over the moon! 🙂

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Chocolate Temptation

When I got pregnant, I tried avoiding caffeine because it’s a stimulant and could cause low birth weight and some birth defects to the baby if taken in high amounts. While my Ob-Gyne didn’t prohibit me from consuming caffeine, she did advise me to limit its intake. She even said that I could drink coffee and tea or eat a chocolate bar once in a while so I don’t totally lose my appetite/craving for caffeine.

To be on the safer side, I actually avoided caffeine during my entire first semester. But when I entered my second, I lost control. I started taking caffeine but in moderation. I still don’t drink coffee, tea and cola, though. I just eat chocolate-y food once a week, sometimes even lesser than that.

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Happy to be Fine

Last Friday, the hubby and I took a day-off to go to the hospital for some blood tests I had to take. My OB-Gyne wanted to make sure I was 100% healthy and free of diseases that I might transfer to the baby during pregnancy. The nervous wreck that I was, I couldn’t help but panic. Good thing the hubby stayed by my side to calm my nerves.

The results of my blood tests came out in the afternoon. I was glad to find out I was fine (which means the baby was fine, too!). I didn’t have gestational diabetes and Hepa B. My urinalysis was okay, I just needed to drink more water. My CBC is generally okay, except that I had mild anemia. Note to self: must get more serious with taking my iron supplements!

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24 Weeks

I still get very emotional whenever I think about my pregnancy (thank God for a healthy one!), still very grateful that I did get pregnant at the right age and at the right time. To be honest, I didn’t imagine myself infanticipating. I even had this weird thought before that I was infertile and wouldn’t experience this miracle at all. But fate proved me wrong.

I know…I need a better belly picture, but this will have to do for now! 😛

Today, my pregnant belly marks its 24 weeks. Only 16 weeks to go and I’ll be a full-pledged mom, in the truest sense of the word. I want to cry (a good cry!) just thinking about it. I am really thankful to God for blessing me with my own child that I’ll be able to see and touch and love and care for soon.

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Acne and Pregnancy

Aside from morning sickness, one of the changes that pregnant women get to experience is skin breakout. Acne seems to grow like crazy on most pregnant women’s faces normally during the first trimester. I dunno with you, but I know some people who even go as far as getting acne treatments done and keep their face oil-free as much as possible by using seaclear or other safe oil-control products in the market.

I’m just glad that my pregnancy isn’t sensitive at all. No morning sickness, no bed rest, no skin breakouts, no nothing. I guess I’m just lucky. After all, they say every pregnancy is different. And I believe that. Hopefully, my pregnancy stays complaint-free and smooth-sailing until I give birth.

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