My Mame

She was at the ripe age of 25 when she had me in her womb. I was the eldest and so I was able to share a lot of “firsts” with her. I don’t remember so much about my babyhood but because of her stories and the pictures that went with them, I was able to see a clear image of how the early stages of my life unfolded under her care.

I have a close relationship with my mom. I guess it’s because she has always confided in me. She’s been brutally honest with me ever since. I love that trait of her. In fact, it was the reason why I also shared everything about myself with her. When your mom treats you like her bestfriend, you couldn’t help but do the same to her.

Just because she treats me like her best friend doesn’t mean she didn’t discipline me when I was still a child. I experienced getting spanked by her countless times (name a spanking weapon and she’s probably used it on me!). But after every spanking session was my mom’s gentle touch and kind words. She’d talk to me seriously and tell me why she had to do it. And I’d always end up realizing that she was indeed right, so naturally the next scene would be our kiss and make-up.

As I grew up, my mom stood by my side. There was not a time that I did not feel her presence in my life. At 58 years old, she’s changed so much physically but her big and loving heart has remained. Even though we live apart now (since I got married recently!), she’s still my inspiration and my source of strength. Now that I’m gonna be a mom myself, my appreciation of and love for her have multiplied a hundred fold.

Thank you, Mame, for loving me unconditionally. Thank you for showing me the real meaning of love. I pray to God that He gives you a long, long life filled with happiness and bounty. I love you and you know that.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mame…and to all the moms in the world! ­čÖé

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