No Cramming for Me Now

Now that I’m pregnant, I make an effort to reduce my stress levels. Stress comes from a lot of things, and you can never say your human if you don’t feel its presence in your life. While I have high tolerance to stress, I feel it’s very important that I don’t stress myself too much now that there’s a life developing inside my womb.

I rarely get stressed at home. I’m lucky to have a very kindhearted, patient and loving husband who, now that I’m having his baby, has multiplied the level of kindness, patience and love he’s showing me. I mean, what more could I possibly ask for? I must be a really lucky preggy wife!

These days, I only get stressed at work. The job I have may not be the most stressful job in the world, but it has its fair share of stress. I have tasks to finish on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and sometimes, I couldn’t help but cram. Cramming is bad, I know. It’s an old practice that originated in my college years.*insert sheepish smile here*

I have decided that now that I’m preggy, I should stop cramming and finish my tasks ahead of time. That I should use my time more wisely (which means I have to reduce the time I spend on blogging and blog hopping, haha) so I could dedicate more than enough time to my work. I’m not saying I’m loafing all the time (ouch, that’s not true!), I’m just saying I have to focus more on finishing my tasks faster than before.

So yeah, no cramming for me now until the baby’s born (oooops!). 🙂

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