28 Weeks

I reached my 28th week of gestation last Friday, the 24th of August. Gradually, I’m getting nearer and nearer to d-day and I can no longer hide both my excitement and my fear. It’s my first time, after all. Hopefully, everything will be fine.

obviously, this photo doesn’t show how big my tummy really is at present

My MIL has already advised me to schedule the shopping for baby clothes and accessories next month. She thought it was the best time to do so and she even volunteered to accompany me. My mom wanted to come, too. I can imagine it’s gonna be a fun shopping trip at Divisoria with these two women who know a lot about babies and baby care. Haha.

As for my tummy, I don’t think it has grown a lot in the past four weeks. What I think has dramatically grown is my body. Ouch. I know, I have to do something about this unnecessary weight gain. My OB-Gyne won’t like this. In the meantime, I need to remind myself that I seriously have to limit my food intake so I don’t have to deal with a heavier than normal post-pregnancy weight soon. Good luck to me on that! 🙂

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