5th Month

Today is a special day for the hubby and me. It’s our fifth month as a married couple and we can’t be more grateful to God for the happy state of our marriage. As they say, so far, so good.

happy at 5 months!

One of the things that make our marriage more exciting and meaningful right now is my pregnancy. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time now, you already know I’m currently on the last week of my second trimester (next week will be the start of my third!). The hubby and I are already looking forward to the arrival of our first child and you could easily feel it from the way we act and speak these days.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. I just hope and pray that ours last for as long as we live. That we continue to love and respect each other and rise up to every challenge that may come our way. 🙂

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