Misunderstandings in the Family

There is no such thing as a perfect family. Like, in real life. I know my family isn’t perfect but I’m happy we’re a complete and strong one. There are times when family members get into petty fights but usually, they aren’t enough to break the bond that hold us together.

Misunderstandings in the family happen all the time. It’s part of the normal cycle, I think. In our family, I often get misunderstood for my actions, the sometimes harsh words that come out of my mouth, and the way I try to discipline some family members that are pasaway (brat or troublesome). So it’s not unusual that misunderstandings between some family members and me ensue without warning. It’s a good thing everything gets fixed peacefully in the end.

My faith and determination has always been firm. I stand by what I say and I don’t back off in a (family) fight. In the end, I get to prove my point and they get to finally understand what I really mean. As the eldest in a brood of four, I know I deserve some respect and that I should be treated right by my siblings. I will never tolerate any form of disrespect from them, ever. 🙂

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