A Not So Happy Long Weekend

I guess a lot of Filipinos can relate to this. The long weekend that passed wasn’t as happy as we thought it would be. It started last Saturday when we first heard the news about a plane that crashed at sea, a few hundreds of meters away from the Masbate airport. The plane crash resulted to the killing of three out of its four passengers, primary of them was DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo.

What made this tragedy compelling to follow (from the announcement of the news and the search and rescue operations to the retrieval of the victims’ remains and the necrological services) was the fact that the said cabinet member was seen by the majority of Filipinos as a great public servant. Up to this day, the nation is mourning his loss. I don’t know Sec. Robredo on a personal basis but I am one with the Filipino people in recognizing his significant contributions to good governance in our country.

It’s sad that God took him this early. But who are we to question God’s decision, right? I just wish for the repose of the late DILG Sec. Robredo’s soul. May he rest in peace and may his family find strength in dealing with this untimely loss. I wish the same for the two pilots (that died along with him) and their respective families.

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