Car Mishap

Last Saturday was an unlucky day for our car Nissen. While traveling on Coastal Road going to Manila, its windshield got hit by a stone and cracked. The hubby and his passengers at that time (my in-laws) barely noticed it. They just heard a sound akin to a newly-popped balloon and before they knew it, the windshield was already damaged.

According to the hubby, after the windshield got broken, he was already calculating the expenses in his head. If it were just a dashboard scorecard for reporting (ooopps, not car-related!), the expenses would surely be lesser. But it is a windshield priced at not lower than 25K (total package)…oh goodness gracious!

It’s a good thing they didn’t get hurt. It could’ve been worse, like a collision or something. The windshield or any other parts of the car can be replaced anytime, but lives can’t.

It’s a good thing also that the windshield is gonna be replaced with a new one soon. And we only have to pay a minimal fee for it. Thank God for car insurance! 🙂

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