Dining at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, SM Manila

Do you enjoy eating with a group? Do you like the idea of eating on a table filled with food for everyone to enjoy at the same time? How about eating with your bare hands, sans spoon and fork, for a more familiar dining experience? You can experience all that and more at the newly-opened restaurant called Blackbeard’s Seafood Island in SM Manila.

I’ve experienced dining at their Alabang Town Center branch before and just recently, I attended the grand opening of their SM Manila branch (along with two other new restaurants) though I didn’t get to taste their popular “boodle feasts” because I was already too full by then. I was so excited to try their food again that I brought the hubby and my SIL there just the other night.

The three of us partook of their I am Ninoy (Dagupan’s Pride) boodle feast priced at P785 (pictured above). It had grilled boneless bangus, grilled shrimps, grilled mussels, some pork barbecue, some crispy pork liempo, grilled eggplant and okra, sauteed camote tops, several dips to go with the different meats, and bagoong rice. The food was supposedly enough to feed three to four hungry adults but the three of us were able to finish everything in no time.

Though the servings have changed (I noticed that the amount of food in our boodle feast lessened by at least 20%), the high quality and good taste of the food has remained the same. I was so full after our dinner that I could hardly breathe. I asked my companions to do some walking inside the mall before going home so we could all burn some calories, and for my breathing to go back to normal. Haha.

Have you tried dining at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island? How did you find their food? 🙂

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