Too Little Time

The weekend has passed very swiftly. It’s Monday once again and most of us are back to work. Oh, how little time we all have. Our weekend was pretty normal except that we had my parents in the house. Together, we visited our Naic home on Saturday to clean up. It was a big mess because it had been idle for four long months. Sunday was relaxed, we just went to church to hear mass and then stayed home the whole day.

Last weekend was all about calm and relaxed living. It’s amazing how I got to find happiness in little things. Like when I cooked Kung Pao pasta and my mom liked it a lot. (I initially thought she hated spicy food.) Like when I finally found my missing shoes. Like when I peacefully slept for hours in our bedroom in the afternoon, with the air-con on and with my husband beside me. Like when I re-arranged my accessories and realized that a lot of them I haven’t even worn yet.

I would have wanted more time to appreciate and do more things, but I guess that’s what the coming weekends are for. 🙂

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  1. This is why I love the weekends. I always make sure to make the best out of it. I get soooo restless if I don’t do fun things (cheap, good, clean fun!) Sleeping in is the best part of Sunday, too!

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