From Baking to Biking

Last Tuesday, which was a special non-working day for Manila-based workers like me, I engaged in two activities that allowed me to think, move, sweat, be patient and have fun all at the same time. I’m talking about baking and biking. Wow, those two rhyme beautifully, huh!

In the morning, together with my ever-dependable husband, I replenished my baking supplies over at Makati Supermart – Alabang where I found out prices are somehow lower than at SM Supermarkets. Don’t just take my word for it, try shopping there some time and see for yourself.

my baking supplies

At around 5:00pm-ish, after taking a sweet nap, I started making ’em choco banana muffins which turned out to be good. Actually, they were so good I plan to bake them again this Sunday when my mom and my younger sister join us for the weekend.

When nighttime came and right after finishing dinner, the hubby and I went out for some exercise. He brisk-walked while I biked using his old mountain bike. (Trivia: I learned how to bike in fifth grade using a kiddie bike instead of an adult bike. Please don’t laugh!)

biking within our village

Biking is actually fun, more so when you know it’s doing something good for your body. I hope this becomes a regular thing for me. 🙂

6 Replies to “From Baking to Biking”

  1. HIndi ako marunong mag bike!! Well, it’s not yet late to learn new things diba? =) I hope you can post other baking stuffs too kasi frustration ko ang baking. =)

  2. I miss biking! I cannot remember the last time I went riding one! I learned when I was six, I kept stealing my uncle’s bmx bike and I would bring it to a park near us and bike the day away. I had scraped knees, I fell into a canal and crashed into a pile of hollow blocks but it was all worth it!! LOL

    1. It’s time to ride a bike again, Jhanis! Hehe. Yes, the wounds and bruises were definitely worth it. 🙂

  3. Wow, biking is our family’s current obsession, too. Actually, for a year na. Mas safe siya sa joints kaya di na rin kami tumatakbo o sumasali sa marathon. Try niyo yung mga foldable bikes para kahit saan pwede niyo dalhin. 🙂

    Buti nakakapag-bake ka pa. I stopped nung summer dahil sa init. Hehe 🙂

    1. Correct, less possible injury compared to running. Uy, mapag ipunan nga yang folded bike na yan. Thanks for the tip, Trix! 🙂

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