A Good News and Some Happy Thoughts

Remember the last graduate in our family? She eventually landed a job at a bank and has recently been regularized. She was ecstatic while telling us the good news. We’re just so happy for her (and we can’t wait for her blowout)! Haha.

It feels good that all my three siblings are now working and making money. It feels good, too, that they’re now all stable in their respective jobs. Our parents must be very happy right now knowing that all their children are now earning a living and trying to be responsible members of society.

As the eldest child who also served as the breadwinner of our family for several years, I’m grateful that all my sacrifices have paid off. My siblings finished their studies on time and are now very much aware of their responsibilities as members of our family. That’s why I thank God everyday for giving me good siblings. Together, we’ll make our parents proud, happy, and secure. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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16 Replies to “A Good News and Some Happy Thoughts”

  1. Congrats Edel! I’m sure very proud ang parents nyo sa inyo kasi lumaki kayong maayos at lahat nakapag tapos na pag-aaral at may stable job din. Cheers! =)

    1. Thank you sis! Time naman namin bumawi sa parents namin. Alam natin hindi obligasyon ng anak yan pero we love them and we want to share our blessings with them. Hehe. 🙂

  2. Ang sarap basahin nito! Simple words but full of happiness and fulfilment. Priceless! Congrats to you and to your parents as well. Mission accomplished for raising responsible and successful children.

    PS Your post about LC Le Pliage keep appearing in your suggested posts whenever I visit your blog. Wag ganon!! hahaha Na-te-tempt ako!! hahaha

    1. Thank you, sis! Ang next na goal naman ay turuan silang magsave at mag-invest. Hahaha, sorry naman. Parang alam na alam ng blog ko na mahilig ka sa bags, noh? 🙂

  3. That’s good to hear especially for you as a breadwinner. I supported my younger siblings too on their studies and watching them finish their studies and land in a job in the best news you can have. You and your pocket are both happy!

  4. wow. that’s great news. i know exactly how that feels — it reminds me of the time when my brother finally landed a job on his own. it’s like your load has lightened. it’s a nice feeling to know that you no longer have to worry about her/him and that (s)he is gaining strength in his his/her own niche. congrats to your sis :).

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