Weekend Story: Banquetta, Otterbox, California Pizza Kitchen and Walking at Night

Last weekend was special. The hubby didn’t have classes yet so we were able to drive to Bacoor on Friday night. On our way home, we stopped over at Banquetta (by Mercato Centrale Group, located just behind CCP) for a quick dinner. I wasn’t very impressed, though. There was very few selection of food and the crowd wasn’t as big as the one at Midnight Mercato in BGC.


Baby Back Ribs meal at P120? not bad!

On Saturday, we stayed home all day so we got enough rest and sleep. We also got to do some walking at night.

proof that I really walked that night, haha

Here’s what the hubby’s Nike Plus app had to say about it:


On Sunday, we heard mass in the morning. The 10:30 a.m. mass schedule at the chapel inside Fernbrook Gardens was best suited to our schedule.

tiis-ganda sa initan!

We went to Alabang Town Center (ATC) after. The hubby already bought an Otterbox in anticipation of his iPhone 6 arriving this week. (See, we really have different approaches when it comes to shopping!) He was so excited about his new phone (I’m not, okay…just a little, haha) that he eventually treated me to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) for lunch.


Among our orders, he liked the Barbecue Chicken Pizza the most.


I found the prices at CPK quite steep but it can’t be denied you really get what you pay for there. Somehow, I could tell they use the freshest ingredients. The taste and the quality of their food were also impressive during our visit.

I sat down and smelled the poinsettias, wala lang!

We walked on Sunday night, too. But this time, our walk was longer at 5.03 km. Good for us!

Going back to Manila this morning felt like a chore to me. It’s a good thing the next weekend is just a few days away! 🙂

How did your weekend go, friends? 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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14 Replies to “Weekend Story: Banquetta, Otterbox, California Pizza Kitchen and Walking at Night”

    1. Thanks, sis. Tagal na ng skirt na yan, now ko lang nasuot. Feeling payat kasi ako yesterday kahit hindi naman. Haha. About Banquetta, di ko masyado trip parang malungkot. Unlike sa Midnight Mercato, dami food offerings at matao. Uy, try nyo magMercato minsan, okay dun! 🙂

  1. Nakakatuwa kayong mag-asawa talagang may weekly gala schedule kayo :)) Kapatid ko ganyan din kahit pagod at puyat kapag linggo lalabas silang mag-asawa. Ps. parang ang sarap nung pizza ha , heheh…..

    1. Yes, right now, we try to have a weekly date. Couple time ba. Habang wala pang new baby, enjoyin muna namin ang isa’t isa. Pero sa totoo, homebody talaga kami. Haha. 🙂

  2. i love your outfit a! Ganda talaga ng white shirt kahit saan pwede iterno. aNG sarap din ng gala nyo edel, importante talaga ang spending quality time with our hubbies anoh? =)

    1. Korek, Joy! We try to spend as much time with each other. Malaking tulong sa marriage, para strong. Hehe. Thanks. Yep, white shirt is very versatile. 🙂

    1. You’re from Laguna pala? I’ve lived in Sta. Rosa for more than a year. Pasyalan namin ang Paseo de Sta. Rosa noon. Today, meron na ring Nuvali at Solenad doon! 🙂

      1. Our house is in San Pedro, near Daang Hari, so ATC is like 15 minutes away.
        Nakapag-bazaar pa ako sa Solenad back in 2010 — hand-made accessories. Hahaha. Lugi pa yata ako. Yung “assistant” eh kung ano-ano ang binili at kinain. Pati pampakain sa isda ay ako ang bumili.

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