Weekend Story: Stella Wood Fired Bistro, Midnight Mercato, Willow Jewelry, and Two Lady House Guests

We were supposed to have three lady house guests last weekend but only two (Ivy and Rona) showed up. The other one (Edlyn) got stuck with parental duties to two daughters who are big fans of One Direction. (If you know about the big concert at Mall of Asia complex last Saturday night, then you’d know what I mean by that.) Family should always come first and we fully understand that.

Before we went home in Bacoor, the hubby and I, along with Ivy whom we picked up from a 7-Eleven near her house, had dinner at Stella Wood Fired Bistro in BGC. It was a fantastic dinner of whole roasted chicken, Spanish and chorizo rice, some roasted pumpkin, and special lasagna.


Dessert was their best-selling wood fired chocolate almond cookie dough. Wow, it was insanely good!


Stella Wood Fired Bistro was such a lovely place, perfect for family and romantic dates. I wouldn’t hesitate dining there again if given the chance.

As if we weren’t full yet, the hubby asked that we walk a few meters to Midnight Mercato on 34th St. There, he treated us to some Merry Moo ice cream to the delight of the kid in me!

busy night

my cup of Early Grey Tea ice cream

After that, we already got back to the parking lot and headed home.

I ended the day on a happy note because I finally got my custom-made white gold necklace from Willow Jewelry. Tina Tagle (the blogger behind it) was such a darling to deal with. The necklace is actually the hubby’s wedding anniv gift to me. Well, he just gave me some cash so I could buy something I really wanted and this was what I had in mind. I just added a few thousands to afford it. 🙂



On Sunday morning, at around 10:30 a.m., Rona arrived to join us for lunch.

pardon my big, flabby right arm! 🙁

The hubby requested for my roasted pork and cooked it I did. Masunurin ako eh. Buti na lang, nakatsamba ulit ako, nasarapan yung mga bisita namin!

roasted pork ala Edel

We chatted the afternoon away until it was time for the two ladies to leave. As much as we wanted them to stay, they had other appointments that day so we had to let them go.

When it was just the hubby and I, we went back to our normal, homebody selves. We slept and did household chores. Then it got dark again signaling dinnertime. We watched some TV after eating our meal and slept early as usual.

Ikaw, kumusta naman ang weekend mo? Have a happy and productive week! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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19 Replies to “Weekend Story: Stella Wood Fired Bistro, Midnight Mercato, Willow Jewelry, and Two Lady House Guests”

    1. Oo nga Je, parang unconsciously nag-unahan pa kaming tatlo na makarami ng subo eh! Haha. Thanks, sis, tantyahan lang ang rekado nyan at saglit ko lang namarinate pero buti na lang, okay pa rin kinalabasan. 🙂

  1. Wow ang sarap ng dessert ha! Mukang malakas makataba! hehe.
    Patikim nga nyang roasted pork ala edel, or pa share ng recipe baka maka tsamba din ako hehehe

    1. Oo kaya ang taba ko na! Haha. Wait for my recipe, Jen. Napakasimple lang, ang dali gawin. The secret is in the cooking method. Slow roasted kasi yan. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kayni! They said it was good. Hihi. Oh yes, I think having friends around is fun. Sayang malayo pala mga friends mo sayo, make new friends na lang. The more, the merrier. Hehe. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Gladys! I haven’t tried making a lasagna yet. Good cheeses here are so expensive. The roast pork was delish according to our two house guests! 🙂

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