Weekend Story: At Home in Manila

The hubby and I have been missing our Bacoor home already. It’s been weeks that we haven’t visited it. I don’t know if the few plants in our plant box are still alive or not. I don’t know how our lone Malunggay tree is coping to the “dry” situation (though I have a feeling it will continue to thrive).

On a related note, our office clothes are of the same set. We just wash them during weekends for use in the next work week. Sorry, TMI. I don’t know if my officemates are already noticing my clothes, but what the heck. Haha. The good news is, we are going home tonight. Wohoo!

Given the title above and the facts I just shared, it’s easy to figure out that our last weekend was spent here in Manila. Well, it’s more of me spending the weekend here in Manila.

On Saturday, the hubby attended their office team building which was held at Estrellas de Mendoza Resort in San Juan, Batangas. He would come back on Sunday night.

the hubby with his officemates and their boss (the girl in white)

While the hubby was away and having fun at the beach, I went to Divisoria with Mame to buy something. Our mother-daughter bonding went on until Sunday when we heard the morning mass together and had breakfast at McDonalds.

McDo moment with Mame

I spent the rest of Sunday at my siblings’ place. I just went back to my in-laws’ place when the hubby arrived from Batangas. This is actually my routine whenever the hubby is away and I get stuck in Manila and I always have a great time.

It’s gonna be very busy at work this week because we have an upcoming big event. But still, I can’t wait for the weekend to arrive! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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14 Replies to “Weekend Story: At Home in Manila”

  1. For sure your home in Bacoor is missing you guys already! Hehe. At least your hubby and you had a blast while away from each other for a while. That gave way to your Mother – daughter bonding. =)

  2. How can you juggle ur time going to manila and then bacoor? Kasi I have a townhouse in Imus and until now hindi kame makamove in. I can’t squeeze it on my sked. 🙁

    Sana mapost comment ko. From ur last post about windfalls hindi pa din napopost. napupunta kea sa spam? He He He.

    1. Wow, may property ka pala sa Imus, neighbor town ng Bacoor yun! Hahaha, hindi ko rin alam, siguro dahil may sasakyan kami kaya easier sya. At saka iba ang motivation na kapag nasa haus namin kami, yung kami lang talaga ni hubby, feel na feel namin ang pagiging mag-asawa namin. Hihi. 🙂

      P.S. Napunta nga sa spam folder, sis. Hindi ko rin alam why. 🙁

  3. Had to laugh at your clothing situation 😛

    I have a one-week “uniform” and I’m pretty sure my workmates notice that I wear the same clothes every week 😀

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