Frugal Find: Php200 Sale Items from H&M

If there’s an H&M branch that I love visiting, it’s the one at Robinsons Magnolia. Why? Because I always see sale items there at low prices. How low? About Php200 low. Take a look at the top and the shoes I bought there both priced at just Php200 (or almost US$2).


This pair of shoes (are they what you call casual loafers?) screams summer. I liked the orange-y color and the embroidered details plus they were in my size so I got them! (The other sizes were still sold at their regular prices.)






The top above pairs well with a white shorts or pants and is perfect for going out. I actually wore it to work once. Haha. I’m not fair-skinned but I’m not afraid to wear intimidating colors like fuchsia. Did I mention the lace details are dainty?

Price-wise, these two items are winners. (That’s why I always bring P200 whenever I visit at an H&M store, baka kasi makakita ako ng Php200 items na papasa sa panlasa ko!) Quality-wise, they seem to be okay because I’ve worn them thrice each and they’re still in mint condition.

Frugal Shopping Tip: When buying an item on sale, double check it and look for possible damage, stain or any other flaws. You know you don’t wanna end up regretting you bought the item because you didn’t scrutinize it enough when you had the chance.

Any frugal finds lately? Tell me about it! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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17 Replies to “Frugal Find: Php200 Sale Items from H&M”

  1. Nice shoes, I want loafers din. I think it’s a must have at least one piece in every girl’s closet no?! hehe. Very comfy on a weekend gala. I had some good find early this morning. Sa ukay ukay.. I love it. =) Cheers to being frugal =)

  2. I love the H&M branch in Rob. Magnolia too. Among all the branches, eh sila ang may pinakamaayos na rack and stocks 🙂 No offense meant to the other branches pero, iba yung ayos sa Rob. Mag.

    Panalo finds! 😀

    1. Thanks, sis! Alam mo ba, yung mom ng superfriend ko maliit din ang paa at sa chidlren’s section lang sya ng mga dept. stores nakakabili ng shoes nya. Yes, sulit ang P200 ko dyan! Hehe. 🙂

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