Weekend Story: Bonding with My Brother Over Food and Childhood Stories

Last weekend was still about family bonding. My brother Danison suddenly decided to join the hubby and I in Bacoor. He said he wanted to finish his lesson plan while enjoying a different environment. He also asked me if we could make some homemade pastillas and I said yes in a heartbeat. I still had some supplies at home so I thought it was possible.

After the hubby’s classes, he still had to drop by their office to render some overtime work because they were having network problems. Because of this, we left for Bacoor later than usual.

On our way home, we opted to attend the 6PM anticipated mass at Malate Church. We got caught in traffic at Macapagal Avenue going to Coastal Road and reached Bacoor at past 8PM already. We stopped over V Central Mall along Molino Blvd. and my brother treated us to dinner at King Bee. What a sweet surprise! Haha.


Our Sunday started quite late since we didn’t have to go to church anymore. I cooked all our meals for the day after a quick trip to the wet market with the hubby in the morning. I missed galunggong (GG for short) so we had those and ginataang gulay for lunch. Yum!



In the afternoon, my brother and I enjoyed exchanging stories of our colorful childhood in the province. We are both senti so that’s a given whenever we are together. We also had fun making homemade pastillas. We put more condensed milk than needed, though, so we ended up having sticky pastillas that we had a hard time shaping it.

mixing the ingredients

jumbo pastillas, anyone?

ready for delivery to Manila consumers a.k.a. other family members

See what I mean? Haha. But we tasted it and it was addicting!

Dinner that night was pork giniling with hard-boiled egg. After-dinner entertainment was courtesy of the wifi and TV. We called it a night after GGV (the Kapamilya show).

Now, excuse me as I look up for door parts online. A friend told me about some sturdy grant sliding hardware from ovis. Happy Monday, people! πŸ™‚

P.S. Anyone here taking Fern-C (non-acidic Vitamin C supplement)? My sister swears by it. She said she doesn’t catch a cold because of it. I bought some to try it for myself. The hubby and I have Enervon but he’s more religious than me when it comes to taking it daily. I’ve been sickly this year so I plan to get serious with my vitamins na.

May you choose happiness always,
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18 Replies to “Weekend Story: Bonding with My Brother Over Food and Childhood Stories”

  1. Fern-C is not available at Mercury Drug so I bought the alternative yung Bewell-C so far okay naman sa akin (made a mistake of buying Ascorbic Acid. It should be a different Vitamin C) and the pharmacist say na para din syang Fern-C.

    Biglang naenganyo ako gumawa ng pastillas! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, sis, di nga available sa Mercury Drug. Watsons pala ang may hawak ng Fern-C. Masaya gumawa ng pastillas. Next time, lagyan ko konting butter (just like how it was in the video I saw this morning) para hindi sobrang madikit kapag ishe-shape na. Hehe. πŸ™‚

  2. Ang sarap nung gulay favorite ko yun eh! We had that combi last week too hehe. I have not tried making pastillas pa eh.

    Anyway, I don’t take vitamins din eh pero I seldom get sick naman ever since. =)

    1. Ako din hindi naman sakitin dati, ewan ko bat ngayong 2015 andali ko kapitan ng sipon at ubo. Kaya try ko seryosohin ang Vitamins. Ako lahat ng may gata, gusto ko! πŸ™‚

  3. homemade pastillas – pwedeng i-store sa ref, tapos after meal may pang-himagas na… wag lang lalantakan at uubusin sa isang upuan, baka magka-tonsillitis.

    Sis, I don’t take Fern-C everyday. Meron kasi akong Multivitamins with iron (pampasarap ng tulog ko) but whenever I feel na magkaka-sipon or ubo ako, bumibili kaagad ako ng 1 banig ng Fern-C. I drink 2 capsules 3 times a day, minsan pa nga inuubos ko yung 1 banig in one day. Effective, hindi matutuloy yung sakit ko.

    What’s best about FERN-C is it has no over dosage just in case one wants to take it many times in a day.

    1. Tama, sis. Dapat eat in moderation sa pastillas baka magka tonsilitis or worse, diabetes pa. Nababasa ko rin yung reviews sa Fern-C, yung iba 5-5-5 at 8-8-8 ang inom, effective sa kanila, tanggal ang sakit or di nagtutuloy (like in your experience) at good for the skin din daw. Hmmm, try ko rin nga dagdagan ang inom pag feeling ko magkakasakit ako. Sa ngayon kasi, once a day lang ang inom ko.

      P.S. Nung nagkasakit naman ako recently, I tried Berocca para mabilis gumaling, effective din naman. πŸ™‚

      1. Try ko nga rin Berocca minsan. Nakakaputi nga din yan, side effect kasi yun ng vitamins C. Nung baby pa yung daughter ko, tinataktakan namen ng Fern-C milk niya kasi medyo kayumanggi siya, in fairness pumuti siya at pumusyaw ang skin. Yan ang secret pamputi. Hehe.

  4. Sis, I take Fern-C because that’s the only Vit. C supplement that does not trigger my hyperacidity. Sadyang mahina kasi talaga ang immune system ko, so I take it along with my multivitamins (and now prenatal vitamins). When I caught a flu during the first trimester, my OB/GYN didn’t prescribe me with any meds. She just doubled the dose of Fern-C from 500 to 1000mg. Berocca also works for me kaso sumasakit ang tyan ko. 😐

    1. Makes me wanna try Fern-C more! Hindi naman ako hyperacidic pero nung pregnant ako, andalas ko magka-heartburn. πŸ™‚

    1. Hahaha, katamad magshape dumidikit kasi. Later ko na nalaman na dapat pala lagyan ng konting butter para di masyado magdikit. King Bee is value for money na, masarap pa! πŸ™‚

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