Weekend Story: Staycation + Husband and Wife Duties

Last weekend was all about staying home and division of labor. (I call it husband and wife duties.) We just made the most of our time (like we always do) and enjoyed our humble abode in the suburbs.

On Saturday, I went to SM Manila and tagged Mame along. I just needed to finish some errands and when I was done, I took Mame to Jollibee where we shared some langhap sarap moments. I really make it a point to date my mom whenever my schedule permits. Inspired by Brother Bo Sanchez, one of my dreams is to date my parents weekly. One day, it will come true!


The hubby and I arrived in Bacoor in the afternoon, rested a bit and went out again to have dinner. There’s this mall called Starmall Prima (only partially operational and construction is ongoing on some parts) on the corner of Molino and Daang Hari roads that has a night bazaar from Friday to Sunday of each week. We checked out the food section there and settled for some BBQ for dinner.


Aside from BBQ, the food section had stalls selling burgers, different kinds of silog, shawarma, takoyaki, fruit shakes, and a lot more. The sellers belong to a group called Barbecuers and Grillers Association Manila, or BAGA Manila for short. Ang galling din nang naisip ng mall owner, habang di pa nga naman fully operational ang mall, pagkakitaan muna ang parking area sa harap!



On Sunday, we woke up late as usual. With empty tummies, we drove to the church just to pray and bought some fresh produce from the wet market beside it. I chanced upon mangosteens and bought a kilo for just Php80. Snacking on these natural antioxidants was pure bliss!


When we got home, I immediately moved and cooked lunch for two and this pumpkin soup was the highlight of it:


I made the pumpkin soup from scratch so I was kinda proud of it. I whipped it up based from my memory of La Cocina de Tita Moning’s version aptly called Sopa de Oro. It was also my first time to cook it and I was very happy with the result. Even the hubby who doesn’t like thick soups ate it with gusto. Ako na talaga ang magaling magluto, chos! Haha.

Our afternoon was spent doing household chores. The hubby took care of our laundry (I had him wash our office clothes just this time) while I cleaned up our bathroom. Plus points go to him because he also swept the floor and watered our plants and our thriving malunggay tree.

I was in the mood to cook so that night, I made something special for dinner –spaghetti with meatballs. I prepared the meat balls in the afternoon and made the fresh tomato sauce while boiling the spaghetti noodles at night. Pasta doesn’t pass as dinner to my rice-loving husband, so he just ate the leftover rice and viand from lunch along with it. Never naman sya nagreklamo at kahit anong iluto ko, kinakain naman nya. Buti na lang! Hehe.


We went to bed at past 11PM and we were back in Manila before 6AM yesterday.

How did your weekend go? Enjoy the rest of the week, friends!

May you choose happiness always,
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22 Replies to “Weekend Story: Staycation + Husband and Wife Duties”

    1. Birthday parties are fun! Dapat may aatendan din kami kiddie bday party ng isang kaibigan last Sunday kaso medyo pagod kami nung nagdaang week at marami kami labahin kaya nagstay kami sa house. Ay oo, si Mame mas posturyosa pa yan kesa sa aming magkakapatid na babae. 🙂

  1. Ang saya! Hubby and I also had Jollibee last Saturday before we scouted for baby stuff. Friday night kasi, he tried singing I Love You Sabado to my tummy, tapos the baby kicked. Nagpromise siya kay baby na mag Jobee kami. Muntanga lang! =)) Then Sunday, I slaved myself at the kitchen to cook our baon and dinner for the entire week. Hihi.

    P.S. Natakam ako sa BBQ!!!

    1. Haha, funny Boyet! Naku, paglabas ni Baby Z mag-eenjoy yan sa Jollibee. Wow, sipag mo, sis. 🙂

      P.S. Malasa yung BBQ, sayang wala silang atay, fave ko pa naman yun.

  2. Aww you reminded me to date with my parents. Before I got pregnant, I always made time to treat them to lunch. Now I have realized I haven’t done it in more than a year! I’d make sure I have lunch out with them soon!

    Ang yummy ng spag with meatballs! *drooling*

    1. Go, sis! Di sa pagyayabang pero yummy yan, iba ang sarap pag fresh tomato sauce ang gamit. Samahan pa ng konting red wine for more flavor…the best! 🙂

    1. Weekends lang. Hehe. Pag weekdays, we stay at my in-laws’ place in Manila. Habang wala pang kids, we plan to stick to this living arrangement so we can save. 🙂

  3. Ang ipagluto ang jowa ko ang gusto ko talagang gawin. But everytime that I try lage syang umeeksena at in the end sya pa din ang nagluluto. Nakakainis. He He He.

    1. Yan ang masarap na nakakainis, sis. Gusto ko nga turuan ang husband ko na magluto para sitting pretty na lang ako, hahaha, joke. 🙂

  4. Sarap talaga nung spaghetti oh! natawa nman ako na lahat ng hinhain mo kinakain ni hubby kasi baka pag nag reklamo, alam na.. war itu. Hahahaha! Joke lang.

  5. Homecooking is really my thing. Nacha-challenge na ako, nakakatipid pa! Did you put cream in your pumpkin soup? Share mo naman recipe please! 😉

    1. Yes, I did. Tama, laking tipid at alam mong malinis kasi ikaw nagluto. Sige, sis, post ko recipe one of these days. Napakasimple lang lutuin nyan. 🙂

  6. Di kami nakapag church nung Sunday kasi naglaba ako ng umaga then nung hapon lakas ng ulan. 🙁 But kung nakapag simba kami, malamang Jollibee din ang ending namin. 🙂 The baby loves Jollibee. Ano kaya meron sa bubuyog na yun at pak na pak sa mga kids?!

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