Weekend Story: Errands and Meet-Ups

Last weekend saw us finishing errands and doing meet-ups with family for some much-needed bonding. (Ang totoo, wala lang kami masyadong social life na mag-asawa kaya madalas pamilya ang kasama namin pag weekend, hahaha.) We had lots of rest this time and we look forward to more in the coming weekends.

Here are some of the things we did:

change oil must-haves
home service car oil change (the hubby just bought the needed materials and paid the corresponding labor fee)

Mame and I
McDo date with Mame after my dentist appointment

Shrine of Jesus, MOA
anticipated mass at Shrine of Jesus, MOA Complex

On Sunday afternoon, on our way back to Manila, we met up with my brother Dan at SM Manila. We accompanied him in buying an Oppo F1S phone, the one his idol Sarah Geronimo endorses. I was initially against his plan to purchase this phone and we even got into a fight because of it. I tried to remind him about the state of his finances and the not so urgent need to buy a new phone. In the end, I still allowed him to make the purchase because malaki na sya and I knew I could only go that far as his big sister. Also, the hubby backed him up merely because he had recently bought a new phone himself. *sigh*

first photo taken using his new phone

The three of us had also gone to Mad for Pizza (MFP) after the hubby and I succeeded in coaxing him into treating us to dinner. You know, because he had just gotten a new phone and we suddenly needed to celebrate! Haha.

mad for pizza sm manila

chicken parmigiana, Mad for Pizza SM Manila
chicken parmigiana, my fave yummy meal at MFP (as in I always order the same thing there!)

Happy Monday, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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10 Replies to “Weekend Story: Errands and Meet-Ups”

  1. Happy Tuesday, Edel! Iba rin yung feeling if you spend time with your family. Ngayon ko na lang din nari-realize yun kung kailan nasa malayo ako 🙂 Ok ba yung Oppo phone ng brother mo? Specs wise and camera? I saw an ad yesterday of the new Oppo phone, hawig sa iPhone tapos may rose gold color din siya, tempting kasi affordable din.

    1. Tama ka dyan, Jackie! Salamat, hope you have a great week, too!

      Specs wise, hindi masyadong aprub sa husband ko ang Oppo, eh. Kaya siguro Mi ulit ang binili nya (Red Mi Note 3 Pro). Pero yung camera ng Oppo, winner sya, lakas makaganda, hahaha. Nakita ko pala yung rose gold in the flesh, okay naman, pangbabae sya. 🙂

  2. “…I knew I could only go that far as his big sister.” <– HAHAHA! I can relate to this, Edel. When my younger brother was still single, ako ang kontrabida ng maluho niyang buhay. I kept on telling him that he doesn't need 3 phones and a tablet. Not to mention that he bought an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a drum set. Maliban sa magastos siya, ang sakit sa mata ng kalat niya. :p But now that we're both married, medyo na-miss ko ang panenermon! :p

    1. Hahaha, apir tayo! Ang gusto ko lang naman, madevelop nya ang habit of saving, sa ngayon kasi habit of spending lang ang meron sya. Mukhang matagal pa mag-aasawa ang kapatid ko kaya matagal ko pa mami-miss ang panenermon ko sa kanya, waaaaah! 🙁

  3. hello, this is way off you post, but i was wondering where your husband bought his mi note? if my memory serves me right, didn’t he also buy a mi watch? tyia.

    1. Hi there! He bought his new mi note from Widget City. They have an online store and a physical store at Victoria de Manila, 1655 Taft Ave. (near Pedro Gil). Yes, he did buy a mi watch before but from a different store. 🙂

  4. I miss MFP! (More specifically, I miss their chimichangas. Haha.)

    Super relate to your brother story. I also often get into arguments with my younger siblings about life choices but, yeah, at the end of the day…malaki na sila. I always wish I had an older sibling though, walang umaaway sa akin about these things – lalo na sa usapang pera. Hahaha.

    1. Oh, they have chimichangas pala! Di ko napapansin, hehe. Of my three siblings, only one knows how to manage her finances. The two others haven’t wisened up yet. Hopefully soon. 🙂

  5. Time spent with family will always be time spent well kahit wala nang social life hahaha. One of my regrets was not making that effort to spend more time with my parents hehe.

    Ako nagsawa nang pagsabihan ang kapatid ko about her spending hehehe. May pamilya na kasi so naisip kong baka masyado na akong pakialamera sa buhay may-asawa nya. Mga pamangkin ko na lang ang tinuturuan ko at pinagbibigyan ang luho paminsan-minsan hehe.

    1. I can’t agree more, Mylene. Di bale, I’m sure alam naman ng parents mo kung gaano mo sila kamahal. Naku, ipinagdadasal ko na lang yung dalawang kapatid ko na magbago na (sana soon). Si Mame kasi kunsintidor din minsan kaya silang tatlo ang napapagalitan ko, hihi. 🙂

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