Weekend Story: More Yarn Shopping + Dinner with My Godchildren

Last weekend was quite hectic. On Friday night, we had a family dinner at The Hashery, the newly-opened casual dining restaurant catering mostly to students in Sampaloc, Manila. On Saturday morning, I, accompanied by the hubby and Mame, did some yarn shopping in Rosario, Pasig (Gantsilyo Guru’s shop and Lacion Yarn Store). After that, we all went home in Bacoor with a stop-over at S&R Baclaran. I would be hosting a dinner for my godchildren that night and due to time constraints, I resorted to buying ready-to-eat food and some easy-to-prepare salad ingredients from there. (I just cooked pasta and rice when we got home.) While I was picking food items off the shelves, the hubby was buying new tires which he had the S&R tire center staff installed to our car.) We got back to Manila on Sunday afternoon as I had this work-related meeting to attend. The hubby biked to Roxas Blvd. while I was busy in the office. We would see each other again at night and I would start crocheting for a new project before going to bed.

It was another packed weekend for us. We had lots of fun and laughter and we felt productive at the same time. Here are photos from our weekend activities:

family dinner at The Hashery
incomplete family picture (Papa Noy, Dan, and Jodie couldn’t join us)

Gantsilyo Guru yarns
my fave milk cotton yarns from Gantsilyo Guru’s shop

crochet yarn
these balls of 4-ply acrylic crochet threads are sold by the kilo at Lacion Yarn Store (PHP370 per kilo as of last Saturday, January 28th)

S&R with family
lunch at S&R with these two

tire change
new tires to welcome the new year, haha

dinner at home
dinner for my two godchildren and their extended family

family friends
with our good friends, the Sabater family

bike challenge
bike din pag may time si hubby!

crochet project
new crochet project

Baguio products
Baguio favorites, pasalubong from my sister Jodie who spent the weekend in Baguio

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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4 Replies to “Weekend Story: More Yarn Shopping + Dinner with My Godchildren”

  1. I learned crochet during our Home Economics class in elementary. This is the hobby I wish I keep doing because it’s fun and sometimes therapeutic.

    p.s.- I like how your new website!

  2. Ay may nag-Baguio! Hehe.

    And more crochet projects based on the yarns you bought. You might want to consider selling some of your projects later on hehehe.

    1. Oo, haha. Ang lamig daw sa Baguio! Naku, hindi pa ako masyadong confident sa mga gawa ko. Pero pwede, malay natin, in the near future, hehe. Salamat, sis! 🙂

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