Weekend Story: Adjustment Period (Bacoor for Good) + Our New Neighbors!

Last long weekend went by swiftly. It felt like I just blinked and the weekend was over just like that. A lot of things happened, actually. On Thursday, the hubby and I took a leave from work so we could help in packing the rest of the stuff at my PILs’ place that needed to be packed and moved. But before we could fill a balikbayan box with more stuff, fate had something in store for us. We had to accompany my two siblings to the bank because their home loan has finally been approved and contracts had to be signed. My side of the family is also staying in Bacoor for good. We are buying the house next to ours in Bacoor. As in the next door house. Ang saya-saya lang! Magkapitbahay na kami! We all prayed for this and our collective prayers were granted so thank you very much, Lord! 🙂

adulting 101 😛

the future Mabalay home (which is just beside our house!)

late lunch with the home loanees 😛

One of my PILs’ bosses was gracious and generous enough to host a farewell dinner for the Techo family that night. Mig Ayesa, the superstar in the Legarda family, was also there to join us.

awwwww…there are no goodbyes, just see you later!

By midnight, the people from the cargo company came to my PILs’ place in Manila to pick up the stuff we were sending to Bohol.

see you later, things!

Our Friday, despite being a holiday, was busier. As I have mentioned here, it was our last day in the property where we were staying in Manila so we had to allot more time to pack to make sure we cover everything we had to cover. By nighttime, we drove to Bacoor and took Jasper, the friendly dog, with us. (He is currently doing well adjusting to his new home and a different environment that is our village.)

even Jasper, seen here wearing a shirt, helped us pack! 😛

the lovely Legarda Mansion…thank you for the memories and for everything! 🙂

our last family photo at this property

Our Saturday was spent unpacking, of course. Everything that we brough to Bacoor in the past weeks had to be kept in our tiny house in an orderly manner. On Sunday, we dropped my PILs to the airport as they had to be in Bohol first to receive the cargo we shipped there. They will be staying at their family home there to fix a lot of physical stuff and be back before the holidays to be with us on Christmas and New Year.

enjoy your Bohol vacay, PILs!

So yeah, we’re now staying in Bacoor for good and luckily for us, we’re okay and surviving. To more happy and good days ahead! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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6 Replies to “Weekend Story: Adjustment Period (Bacoor for Good) + Our New Neighbors!”

  1. Congratulations to the new homeowners! Buying a house entails a lot of sacrifices, but it is very fulfilling!

    I’m looking forward to your weekend stories. Please share your latest Bacoor (or South) food finds. Hihi. 🙂

    1. Thank you!!! True, Je, challenging pero fulfilling. Ibang klase sa pakiramdam! Oo bah! Lalo na at madami na ako kasamang mag-explore ng dining scene dito sa South. 🙂

  2. Ay wow! Grabe ang tagal ko na palang di nakakabasa sayo. Dami ng ganap. Anyway, happy to hear that ok kayo sa Bacoor. Matagal pa bago ma turn over ang bahay namin sa Cavite pero excited na ko. Takot lang ako na malayo sya. Hehehe!

    1. Sanayan lang, sis. Mas matagal travel time at mas maaga na kami nagigising, haha. Malamig pa rin hangin sa Cavite, dama pa rin ang pagka-probinsya, pero andun na rin halos lahat ng meron sa Manila. Para syang fusion ng rural at city living, di ko masyado ma-explain, basta ganun, hehehe. 🙂

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