Weekend Story: Moving Tasks + Hospital Duties

Last weekend was spent packing and moving stuff. The hubby and I, along with my side of the family, also got busy attending to Mame’s needs in the hospital. She had a bad fall while taking a bath on Thursday morning and complained of intense back pain after, so we rushed her to the ER of Manila Doctors Hospital at Ermita. Apparently, she had a spine compression fracture and the ER doctor recommended that she get admitted in the hospital for pain management. She had an option for a surgery (kyphoplasty) for faster recovery but she declined (we supported her decision) upon knowing that the compression would heal on its own naman. She stayed in the hospital until Sunday afternoon and was prescribed more pain meds. She’s fine now and the pain is quite tolerable already but she’ll be back in the hospital for follow up check-ups next week.

Things could have been worse for Mame, so we are grateful for the turn of events. I just hope she doesn’t develop a phobia checking out bath rooms and taking a bath from now on. 🙂

Here are photos from our not so fine weekend:

when packing is life 😛

Mame lying in bed inside her room at Manila Doctors Hospital assisted by my brother Dan

dinner after hospital visit with the fam bam…

…and this time lunch after hospital visit with my in-laws

this hero meatball at ‘Di Marks hits the spot! super yum!

Have a beautiful week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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    1. Thank you, sis! Gumagamit na sya ng chair at may anti-skid mats na rin. Parang medyo nagkaphobia lang sya pag nakakakita ng basang floor ng cr, hahaha. 🙂

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