Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s Vaccine Day + Play Time

Last weekend was short but sweet. On Saturday, the hubby and I took baby NJ to her pedia for her anti-pneumonia and anti-flu shots. When we got home, we left her to her grandparents’ care and went out again to finish some errands.

Our Sunday was spent at home playing with our precious baby who’s growing bigger every day and no longer looks like a baby but a sweet, little girl. (My mommy heart wants to stop the time!) We were supposed to inflate her swimming pool in the morning but the hubby decided against it because he had a webinar pala to attend. Sayang, because she was really looking forward to it. Next weekend na lang siguro.

baby NJ getting her shots

complaining about her car seat be like (we have yet to buy her a bigger one!) 😛

with her grandparents and Daddy

And that’s it. Not much ganap because we try to limit our going out as much as possible.

Have a safe and okay week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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