Juicing with Edel: Celery, Cucumber, Ginger, Oranges and Honey

I’ve recently started juicing during weekends at home. The hubby was okay with it so I guess this will gonna be a normal thing for us. Fresh juices are healthy, more so if they are a mixture of fruits, veggies, herbs and spices. For our first homemade fresh juice, I used celery, cucumber, ginger, oranges and honey.

The good thing about making homemade fresh juices is that you know they’re clean and you can control or limit the amount of sugar you put into it. I decided to use honey because it’s healthier than white sugar. Instead of using ordinary glasses, I made use of my new mason jars (which I bought online from an Instagram seller) for aesthetic value. Haha.

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New Fave Japanese Restaurant

My husband is a big fan of Japanese food. Seafood allergy aside, he tries to eat Japanese food as often as he can with eyes on the safe options. In Bacoor, there’s this tiny Japanese restaurant that we visit on weekends because 1) we like their food 2) we like their good service 3) we like the tiny but well-kept space 4) the food prices are so cheap and 5) it’s just a 5-minute car ride (or a good walking distance) from our place.


The name of the restaurant is Ume-ya. It’s located on Mambog Road, a few steps away from the Total gas station and the Jollibee store along Molino Boulevard. Ever since a blogger friend (who also lives in Bacoor) mentioned it on FB, we’ve dined there thrice already and have always been satisfied. I’m not really into Japanese food as I’m a Chinese food enthusiast but so far, I share these dishes with the hubby as favorites: kani salad, California maki, katsudon, beef teriyaki, and shoyu ramen.

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KFC Christmas Bucket Meal for 2013

Last Friday night, we had KFC food delivered at home. It was their Christmas bucket meal priced at P650. It’s the same as their regular bucket meal except that it has one additional item — a small chocolate cake for dessert. What’s nice about this is that for every Christmas bucket meal sold, KFC gives P5.00 to the World Food Programme which would then be used in helping typhoon Yolanda victims. How laudable.


It’s one of those fast food purchases that you won’t feel guilty about because you get to help people in need in your own little way. Yes, I felt happy about it even if it was my MIL who paid for it. She just got her SSS pension and suddenly thought of treating everybody in the house for dinner. Sweet.

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Food Trip at El Sur, Alabang Town Center

Organized by the Mercato Centrale Group, El Sur in Alabang Town Center is another foodie destination worth checking out. Or is it? I grabbed some dinner there last Saturday with the hubby and my SIL who joined us for the weekend. This was after we attended the anticipated mass at the nearby St. Jerome Church.


From what I read in the poster, El Sur opens every Friday and Saturday from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight. It’s right beside Fully Booked. During our visit, there were only a couple of food stalls there serving customers. I saw stalls that sell burgers, rice meals and some snacks. I found the space small and the variety of food offerings was far from what I expected. I initially thought they occupy a big space and offer the same food offerings (both in size and scope) as the Midnight Mercato in BGC.

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Dining Out with Family and Friends

If there’s one thing I’m good at, that would be eating. Food has always been my passion. I love it more than my husband. Haha. Just kidding. Actually, the hubby and I have one common denominator – food. We love to eat good food. We also love to try out new restaurants whenever we could afford it.

While we enjoy dining at home (with me cooking for the hubby all the time if it’s just the two of us), we are fond of dining out, too. We visit restaurants with family and friends. If it’s with the hubby’s family, it’s almost always a bonding activity. If it’s with my side of the family, it’s normally a post-shopping agenda. If the dining out is with friends, it’s either a group reunion, a birthday blow-out or a mini get-together.

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Best Panizza in Town!

Last Wednesday night, I went to My Kitchen by Chef Chris Locher inside the Oasis Hotel in Paco, Manila. I had dinner there with the husband, my PILs, my SIL, my mom and my two sisters. It was our first time to taste Chef Chris Locher’s panizza which he invented and became famous for back in his days at C’ Italian Dining in Clark, Pampanga.

Chef Chris Locher’s The Original in four different flavors

After tasting four different kinds of panizza (from the six new flavors), I have to say My Kitchen’s panizza is the best in town. They were sooo good! Like, 100% yummy. Among the four panizza whose names escape my memory right now, I liked the one with beef sirloin the best. I also appreciated the fact that all panizza were served hot off the oven and the kitchen was generous with the toppings. The arugula and the alfalfa sprouts, which you eat with the panizza, were fresh and crunchy, too.

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