Bargain Finds from Uniwide Coastal Mall

I once heard Uniwide Coastal Mall is closing shop, but it seems it’s just a rumor because it remains operational up to this day. Anyway, the hubby and I finally got the chance to go there last Monday afternoon and we were lucky to find some really nice items for our home.


I don’t remember the exact price of each item anymore but it goes anywhere from P25 to P79. Nothing above P100, promise. Super cheap, right? My most favorite items from the batch are the decorative letter E and the girl in white figurine. Here’s how I arranged them in our tiny living room along with the decorative plate of a snowman that shouts happily of Christmas:

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Review: Starbucks Card

During one of our Saturday night-outs last weekend, the hubby got himself a Starbucks Card. It’s actually free because the P300 he paid for it is consumable. You earn a star every time you purchase a handcrafted beverage from any of Starbucks’ 210 stores in the Philippines. Cool, ayt?


You get a Grande (midsize) drink from Starbucks for free for every 12 stars earned. And by registering your card online (thru the Starbucks website), you instantly get a free Grande drink. As an added benefit, you also get a special treat on your birthday! Last time I heard, it’s a slice of cake. Sweet!

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Online Sellers of Handcrafted Stuff

I wish to put up my own business in the future. I don’t have the capital now that’s why I want to pursue this dream a little later in my life. For now, I’ll just enjoy the feeling of being mighty proud of my two friends who have recently opened their online business. They sell handcrafted stuff. My friend Adel makes pretty headbands for little girls while my superfriend Nice makes bags, cellphone cases, purses and organizers for everyone who needs them.

one of Adel’s lovely creations

Handmade products are special because they are made with burning passion and love. If you’re interested in what my two friends sell, head on over to their FB pages. Just type in “Peekabow” for Adel’s and “Nicely Crafted” for Nice’s on the search bar. If you’re buying in bulk to give away to your friends, they might just offer you wholesale prices on your order. Don’t forget to tell them that you found them through me!

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Review: Happy Plus Card

The Happy Plus Card is an electronic card used for payment in four quick service restaurants here in Manila which are owned by a single company, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC). It was launched in the first quarter of 2012 and is powered by BPI. As I understand it, it’s JFC’s way of offering a cashless payment service to their loyal customers. This also comes with rewards which serve as a good attraction for more people to get and use the said card.

photo 1

It’s pretty easy to get a Happy Plus Card. You go to either a Jollibee, Chow King, Greenwich or Red Ribbon store and pay P100 for it. The card is good for three years and is renewable for the same price. Now that you have the card, the next step is to buy load from the cashier with the minimum amount at P100 and the maximum, P10,000. With your card now loaded with credits, use your card by ordering food from the cashier and tapping the card on the electronic machine to pay.

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New Shoes

While I don’t really go to the mall with the sole intent of buying new shoes, I almost always end up buying a new pair impulsively. I usually justify my purchase by saying to myself that the new shoes I just bought are a good investment. This is especially true if I got the new shoes at a dirt-cheap price or in the style that captured my heart.

Recently, I’ve gotten two new pairs: black peep-toe pumps and beige platforms. Both were purchased impulsively. Haha. I told you, I’m an impulsive shopper like that. But, with valid reasons for buying them (see first paragraph!). I’ve only worn the former once and the latter is still in its box waiting to be used.

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