A Season to Be Merry

Christmas is indeed a season to be merry. The last time I checked, another Christmas party was being held a few steps from where I was. As much as I love partying, I guess I will have to excuse myself until tomorrow when it’s gonna be our office Christmas party. I still have tons of things to do right now. I haven’t even started shopping gifts for my loved ones yet!

Christmas season is one of my fave parts of the year. It never fails to set a festive atmosphere in this side of the world. I like that here in Manila, Christmas is celebrated longer than anywhere else and that during this time, people become extra caring, loving and generous. If only we could sustain this goodness of spirit all throughout the year then maybe, just maybe, the festive air will be felt everyday and everybody will be happy.

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Sick Day Monday

I had an LBM yesterday and so I wasn’t able to go to work. I was just at home nursing an aching tummy. I felt weak and sick. I missed my office computer. I missed working. I missed my officemates. I missed being well.

Getting sick is my least favorite thing. I hate staying in bed and doing nothing. Because I got sick for a day, I wasn’t able to do a lot of things. Like getting my nails done. Like canvassing for motor home repair online (don’t ask why). Like cleaning our bathroom. Like replenishing our pantry supplies. Like washing my dirty clothes. And a lot more.

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Busy Weekend Ahead

Despite the fact that the coming weekend is gonna be super busy for me, I still feel like saying TGIF! I just love Friday, no questions asked. Traffic may be bad/worse/worst (depends on the location, actually) during this day but you know, it’s a sad reality that people in Manila have come to accept and live with through the years.

Aaargh, we have work in the office tomorrow! I wish my boss changes her mind about it. Originally, I had plans for tomorrow to go to our Cavite house but since we were asked to report for work, I had to fix my sched right there and then. Sunday is equally hectic because we have a wedding-related appointment to attend to and I have work at the restaurant come dinnertime.

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A Super Friendship

Today is the birthday of my Superfriend Nice. She just turned 30. Our friendship started way back in college. I can’t believe we’ve been friends for like, 12 years already? Wow! I’m just so thankful to have a friend like her.

Yes, we call each other “Superfriend” to distinguish our friendship from the other friendships we have in life. I think the term fits perfectly because we treat each other not only as a friend but as a sister.

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New Workmates

We have three new tour guides at the restaurant and I’m glad about their arrival. Now I have “alternates” to cover for me when I suddenly get unavailable for work. I have known one of the new tourguides for years already (she’s my recruit!) and so we don’t have to go through the getting-to-know-each-other stage anymore. The other two tourguides I have only met twice and we haven’t really broken the ice yet, if you know what I mean.

Work feels more like play when you are in good terms with your workmates. I’m lucky that I tend to get along with my workmates easily, both in the office and at the restaurant. I guess it’s because I try to be a natural. What you see in me is what you get from me. I hate pretending, though sometimes, I really can’t help but apply the “plastic theory” (my Superfriend and I invented this concept!) to those rare people who feel they are superior over others.

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