So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

It’s Friday and tomorrow’s gonna be the start of the long weekend. I can’t wait! I have tons of things I wanna do. As much as I want to get a loooot of rest, my head is brimming with ideas on how best to spend my time. The saying “so many things to do, so little time,” rings so true at this point.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to cook fried rice for breakfast. During my previous grocery shopping, I made sure to get some Chinese sausages. We all know how they can transform simple fried rice into delicious and complete meals. I’m so excited to finally use them. I just hope I can move my ass to go to Quiapo early to buy some fresh veggies to include in my fried rice. Sorry, but I prefer them over the frozen mixed veggies bought from supermarkets.

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A Halloween Party

Any plans for a Halloween party? The long weekend is just around the corner and if you don’t feel like organizing a Halloween party for your family and friends, why not just get them together to attend Patio Carlito’s version of a crazy-scary parteeeeh happening on October 31:

Patio Carlito & White House on the 84th Halloween Party

For P300, you get door entrance plus two cocktails and the entire night to celebrate Halloween to your heart’s content. This is one exciting night that you should not dare miss. I might just drop by together with my fave blogger friends and we might just bump into each other in the venue!

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Comfy Flatforms

In my search for a pair of comfy shoes online, I chanced upon some flatforms sold at a Multiply shop called Asian Vogue. I’ve already heard about these shoes before from the fashion blogs I frequent and upon checking out the Asian Vogue’s flatforms collection, I fell in love with this pair:

Photo taken from

Aren’t they gorgeous? A little fierce, but chic. I love that it comes in brown, one of my favorite colors. The price is a little steep at P1,695, though. But I like want it. Gotta check my funds first if I still can afford a new pair of shoes after spending a lot of moolahs during our recent trip abroad.

If you were me, would you buy this comfy looking flatforms? 🙂

On Sibling Fights

As the eldest child in our family, I serve as a role model to my three younger siblings (two girls and one boy). As much as I want to stay calm at all times when dealing with any of them, there are instances when I lose my temper, get mad and become upset. I’m just a human being, after all.

The thing that upsets me the most is when my siblings fight over petty things and end up wanting to hurt each other physically. The eldest that I am, I feel it is my duty to show them what diplomacy means and how it works. It takes a lot of my energy and can be exhausting at times, but it’s the only way to solve any fight, may it be between siblings or not.

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It’s All About Contentment

So far, so good. If you’d ask me how’s my life been going these days, that will be my exact answer. I am just happy that blessings continue to come way and that less problems are popping up in my life.

I have a job that pays well. It may not be so secure, but at least it never fails to teach me to be appreciative of each day in the workplace. There may be other similar jobs out there that pay more, but the satisfaction I get from my job wouldn’t compare with any of them. I just want a fulfilling but stress-free job and the job I have right now definitely fits the bill.

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