New Cars Everywhere

It’s a known fact. Despite what your Economics teacher has told you, cars are no longer considered a luxury but a necessity, an asset instead of a liability. Sure, its market value depreciates the moment you drive it out from the auto shop, but the convenience and safety it brings (and the prestige that comes with it) will forever make you grateful. That’s especially true if you’re a frequent land traveler and love long road trips.

The fiancee and I were having a car conversation the other day. He shared with me that more and more of his officemates were buying a car. While some go for the brand new ones, others prefer the pre-owned kind for economical reasons.

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DIY Project Update

One of my goals this year is to make and finish at least 10 DIY projects. So far, I’ve completed only three: a pearl-studded top, a denim shorts , and a bunch of hand-made and recycled accessories. 2011 will soon come to a close and I still have seven DIY projects to do. I hope I get to complete them to feel good about my DIY “skill.”

Time is my number one enemy when it comes to my DIY projects. Every day, I am inspired by the many online shops and DIY blogs I visit. I even save pictures of the things I wanna create in my PC so I won’t forget about them. I’ll show some of them in this blog in due time.

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Pinoy Blogger Shirts

Here in Manila where the blogging community is a very active one, more and more bloggers are flaunting their blogger identity to the public by wearing blogger shirts that come in various cool designs. Isn’t this t-shirt below cute?

blogger shirts
Photo taken from

This shirt is part of the blogger shirts collection sold at, a shop owned and operated by fellow Pinoy blogger Fitz Villafuerte. It’s priced at P270 and I think I’d like to have one soon. In the exact, same color and graphic print. The Pinoy Blogger text along with the sun and stars design is calling out to me. Actually, there is a black version of this shirt designed for ladies. And it looks nice, too.

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Personalized Christmas Gifts

While checking out some online shops for potential Christmas gifts to family and friends, an idea popped out of my head. What if instead of giving them ready-made gifts this year, I give them something that’s made especially for them? Admit it or not, there’s something about personalized gifts that make our hearts melt. And since the occasion is as merry as the coming Christmas, then these kind of gifts will surely be much appreciated.

I have given personalized mugs and face towels before. I want something different for this year. I’m thinking of making some hand-made accessories especially for my girl friends. How about personalized holiday cards for my family? The text inside could be hand-written or not, so long as it has my heartwarming message and signature or anything that will add a personal touch to it.

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Praying for Good Weather

My friends and I will be going out-of-country this weekend. As early as last year, I’ve started praying for a good weather. A canceled flight is the last thing we’d want to experience in this trip. Just thinking about the possibility makes me wanna cry already.

Two weeks ago, when typhoon Pedring (international name Nesat) battered the Philippines with heavy rainfall and gusty winds, the damages it brought to our people still linger. Last weekend during out trip to the province, we passed by towns who were still submerged in flood waters. What a miserable sight it was! I became sad for a while and at one point, I even thought about the use of an industrial rubber hose to suction flood waters and discharge it back to the sea. Shallow idea, I know. My point is, these towns and the people living in them, need help and that help should arrive soon, and in big packages.

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