A Wedding Blog

Ever since I got engaged to the fiancee, the idea of creating a wedding blog has been brewing in my head. I think that a wedding blog will be beneficial not only for us as we plan our wedding but also for our guests who would surely like to get updated on the developments in our big day. It’s a great idea, right?

When I had some free time the other day, I finally put up our wedding blog. It’s a very humble blog with simple layout and straightforward content. This is where I am documenting everything about our March 2012 wedding. I’m so excited about filling it with informative, wedding-related posts!

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Greek Blue

I have always been fascinated with the color greek blue. It looks fresh, bright, vintage, earthy and natural. The white and greek blue theme is commonly seen in many Greek communities, particularly in Santorini. Some people even prefer saying Santorini blue instead of greek blue.

My fascination with greek blue has brought me to painting our kitchen cabinets with this exact, same color. Our kitchen cabinets are still being made. We’re still waiting for the tiles on our sink area to dry up. This is where the cabinets will be hung. I’m so excited to see the end result. Greek blue cabinets, marble-like peach tiles and white walls sound like the perfect color theme to me! At least, for our humble kitchen.

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Life’s Little Worries

When things get worrisome, I’m the first to react. I worry a lot, you know. I even used to be a serious negative thinker. But my worries are never shallow. They have bases. They can happen. Oftentimes, though, my worries go away on their own. It’s either I have devised a plan to avert the problem or I have received God’s graces just when I needed them.

One of the things I worry about is my parents’s well-being. They’re growing older and older by the day. Soon, they’d get sick and would need substantial health care. I hope and pray when that time comes, I’d be capable of helping them. Like I could afford getting them adult diapers at disposablemedicalexpress.com and pay for their hospital bill. That’s why I’m saving up money to be able to get them reliable health insurance. The earlier I can do this, the better.

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A Date, Finally

Whatever event it is, date is one of the most important factors to consider. What year? What month? Is it gonna be a weekday? A weekend, perhaps? Day or night? Morning or afternoon? A good date settles most, if not everything, that could affect an event.

That’s why I’m very happy that we now have a date for our wedding. Yes, a date for our wedding! It’s not our first-choice date, though, because the church already has a full schedule on the date we preferred. But that’s okay. Perhaps, it’s destiny. At least it’s just a day early.

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Edel’s Day Out

Today is November 30, a legal holiday in the Philippines being Andres Bonifacio Day. This morning, I woke up early to prepare for our Cavite trip. Together with my two siblings and the fiancee, I checked on mom and dad and did a little inspection of our kitchen that’s currently undergoing a makeover. Our house was quite messy with all the construction materials being kept inside (for security purposes). My parents were doing good, as always.

After having our simple lunch of Andok’s roasted chicken and rice, I stayed outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air. It was a humid afternoon. The soil in our little garden looked dry but all the plants were amazingly healthy. I even saw some newly-installed compost bins at the far end of the compound we were in. It was a refreshing sight and somehow it gave me a happy feeling. Before we went back to Manila, I took a nap with the fiancee at the loft of our house to get some rest.

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