Online Shopping at the New Multiply has recently upgraded its online shopping system and it seems everything’s doing fine. I said so because I shopped there last week. I didn’t really intend to shop I just wanted to browse items in the “marketplace.” But before I knew it, I was already paying for three accessories via Paypal. Haha.

If there’s one thing that needs to be improved on, though, I think it has to be the shopping monitoring system. After I paid for the three accessory items I got from two different merchants, I tried checking my account if it would reflect my purchases but found none. I also wanted to monitor the movement of my items but there was no provision for that. I dunno if they just haven’t gone to that part yet or my account isn’t only updated. But still, something’s amiss here.

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Toxic Tuesday

This morning at home, I was feeling very lazy and had a difficult time getting out of bed. To be honest, I’m not feeling so well today. I even thought of taking a sick leave just so I could get more sleep. But my mature side won the mental battle and so I ended up in my office desk a few hours later.

It was a toxic Tuesday in the office. I did a lot of stuff and felt like a drained battery when lunchtime came. Actually, I was silently praying for time to pass more swiftly so I could take some rest before going to work in the restaurant tonight. Too desperate, I know.

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Super Fun Sunday

Today was super fun. The fiancee and I attended two events, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. First was my college friend Matol’s son’s baptismal and second was his officemate’s daughter’s first birthday. Happy occasions are always a sight to behold. If you are invited to witness one, the more delightful it becomes.

I’m glad that despite the many things we needed to do today, we took the time to connect with friends and strengthen the ties that bind us together. During these two events, I couldn’t help but imagine myself (us, actually) organizing events for the family we are raising together. It’s gonna be fun, for sure, and worth all the efforts we’d put into it.

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Have you ever experienced being at a certain place, like your workplace, for instance, and suddenly you feel the urge to do a lot of things which can only be done in other places away from your present position? That’s what I’m feeling right now. I wanna do (and that’s with a very excited and positive attitude!) the following things right at this moment:

1. Go to the bank and deposit some money to my savings account. The last time I did this was May 2011, exactly five months ago. I know I’ve been very generous lately that it seems I have forgotten to care about my savings.

2. Change my foreign currencies (from my recent trip abroad) to local ones. I tried to do this last Sunday but I was not able to because I was hoping the forex rates would still rise in my favor in the coming days. Not so possible, I know.

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Undas 2011

The celebration of All Saints’s Day here in Manila was anything but boring. In our little clan, yesterday was chaotic and energy-draining but very fun and fulfilling. Together with my six-member family, my aunts and uncles and a few cousins, we left the city to visit the graves of my grandparents in Nueva Ecija.

It has been sort of a tradition. My uncle would bring his car (an L-300 Van) to serve as our service vehicle and we would all meet up at our favorite Jollibee store that’s open 24/7. The rest of us would be in charge of bringing food for our lunch at our ancestral house that’s now showing signs of age (unfortunately). The bonding would continue as we pay a visit to the cemetery and as we travel back to Manila.

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