Weekend Story: Easy Breezy

Last weekend was easy breezy and started early for the hubby and me. On Friday night, we met up with friends to celebrate the birthday of our friend Raffy. He’s the chairman of a barangay here in Manila and he just turned 39. From our meeting place which was their barangay hall, we transferred to a nearby restaurant to have dinner and some wine. We were a group of six and we spent time until a little past midnight. From the restaurant, the hubby and I drove to Bacoor and stayed there until Sunday night.

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Weekend Story: Celebrations

Last long weekend was all about celebrating and bonding with friends. On Saturday, I was at Via Mare, MOA Arena Annex during lunchtime for the christening of my college friend’s son. From there, the hubby and I went home in Bacoor and that night, we had a date at Evia Lifestyle Center because the hubby wanted to see the latest Transformers movie in the cinema house. But not before going to the church because the hubby’s religious like that. By Sunday, we drove back to Manila and attended the hubby’s cousin’s son’s birthday at Jollibee Grace Park in Caloocan City with my in-laws. We spent Monday just at home doing household chores and taking lots of rest.

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Triple Celebration

We had a triple celebration last night. It was for the following occasions: my mom’s birthday (July 30th), my PILs wedding anniversary (July 31st) and my MIL’s birthday (August 7th). We wanted to celebrate together and due to differences in schedule, we decided to celebrate everything in one go. (It was also economical that way.) And so, we had dinner last night at Shakey’s SM Manila, one of our fave restaurants and the most convenient venue for all of us.


The hubby’s side of the family has only four members while mine has a total of six. My SIL Albie couldn’t make it for the dinner because of work (the month-end period at a bank’s headquarters can be very toxic I heard!). We were still a group of 10 though because my cousin Celeste was there. (She came back from Taiwan last Monday, dropped by our house to stay for a few days and will be leaving for Cebu tonight to continue her short vacation with her family there.)

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Long Saturday

Yesterday being a Saturday was work-free for me, just like for the majority of government employees here in the Philippines. But just because it was work-free doesn’t mean it was gonna be laidback or boring. I actually had a long day. And so was the hubby.

After lunch at home, we attended the joint birthday celebration of our friends Mac and Ella’s two adorable children at West Avenue in QC. The theme was basketball and there was a minion mascot. There were food booths serving sweet and tasty treats to the delight of children and adults alike. The merienda/early dinner food from the buffet was great and the children had a happy time with the hilarious host who doubled as a fantastic yoyo master. I have to give credit to the parents for pulling off such a fab and fun party. (Thanks again for inviting us, guys!) We left the party at past 6pm and drove home to Bacoor.

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Fun October

October is my most favorite month of the year. That’s a biased admission, though, because I was born in that month. My husband was born in that month, too. And so were three other family members: my grandfather (he’s in heaven), my dad and my sister.


Given that, it’s only proper that October is the most celebrated month for us. But since resources are scarce nowadays, we opted to celebrate our birthdays simply but meaningfully. We started off with the husband’s birthday last Saturday. We celebrated it in our home in Bacoor, just the two of us. On the night of his birthday, we had dinner at his fave resto (that’s the good ‘ol Shakey’s) and when we got home, we had his birthday cake for desserts. That cake was special because I baked it. It was a red velvet cake which was surprisingly very good. (Another jackpot recipe from my fave cooking blog!) The birthday boy was happy.

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Happy 33rd Birthday!

I’ve known this person since 2003. We were friends first before we became lovers just a year after. We were steady for seven happy years and got married on our 8th. Today, he turns 33 years old, only four years my senior.

It’s the birthday of my loving husband, and as far as birthdays are concerned, we have all the reasons to celebrate. But after having gotten through the loss of our first baby exactly a week ago, we couldn’t see the need to do so right away. Celebrations can wait.

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