Fun Weekend in the Suburb

Last weekend was fun. My mom, along with my two younger sisters, joined us in our Bacoor home. We spent the weekend doing the usual daily activities but in a fresher and more relaxed environment of the suburb. This is the life.

We cooked, ate, watched cable TV, surfed the net, played NBA games on PS3, walked around the village, and chatted about almost anything under the sun, from grocery shopping and wonder bras to child rearing and steel buildings canada. I missed my mom and two sisters so much, I was glad I had the time to bond with them again since the wedding.

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From Tagaytay and Back

Our Tagaytay weekend was a blast. Short but sweet. Finally, I’ve seen The Cliffhouse and even dined in one of its restaurants, Cafe Platito. Our overnight stay at Las Ventanas was quiet and serene. I loved the complimentary dinner, breakfast and full body massage they gave us. I am definitely writing about my pleasant Las Ventanas Tagaytay experience in my travel blog.

From Las Ventanas, we visited the Pink Sisters Chapel to say a little prayer. And then we headed to Mushroomburger for lunch. We were surprised to see this fast food resto filled with people. Did I mention they serve good-tasting mushroomburgers at very affordable prices?

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Good Job

Last weekend was a blast. It was fun and productive for me. On Saturday, I got to work and earn some money from my part-time work. I also finished some errands with the help of the fiancee. My achievement for the day? I was able to eat in moderation despite all the food temptations that surrounded me. Plus points for my weight loss efforts!

On Sunday, I spent the morning with the fiancee and his mom traveling to Cavite to check out his house. We were joined by two home builders which he had summoned to discuss some home improvement projects with. They agreed to push thru five projects first then the rest would follow after more funds get generated.

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DIY Project: Beaded Jewelry

Last Saturday was fun. I thought it would be boring but it turned out to be a very productive one for me. I unboxed my old and dusty bead collection to make some beaded jewelry. I couldn’t believe I actually made a handful of fashionable necklaces and earrings in one sitting. Well, make that one whole day of sitting! It was a good thing I didn’t have work at the restaurant, otherwise it would’ve been impossible for me to engage in such a laborious, time-consuming activity.

my labor of love

Would you believe I created almost everything thru recycling. I was lucky to have found several broken necklaces, bracelets and earrings which ignited my creativity even more. I also saw a lot of spare acryclic stones, faux pearls and lobster claw locks which I put to good use. Had I gotten hold of some glue and spray paint, I would’ve been able to create more jewelry pieces. Maybe next time. Haha.

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Back from the Beach Trip

My first summer outing has just come to an end. As expected, it was fun and relaxing. I couldn’t ask for more. Two days of basking in the sun and frolicking in the surprisingly clear Quezon waters was invigorating. I loved the touch of my feet in the fine brown sand. At one moment, I even felt like I was in Panglao and Boracay. The private beach resort we went to was plain and nothing exceptional but it sure relieved my longing for the sea and all the fun that came with it. I was very satisfied.

Now that I’m back home, I can’t help but reminisce of my first summer adventure this 2011. Spending time with the fiancee and his officemates is something I won’t mind doing again. The road trip we had Friday night was an awesome experience in itself, from the zig zag road and the stop overs to our funny car conversations and finally, arrival in our lodging house for the night. I was exhausted when I got home, yes, but it was all worth it. I would have wanted to extend our stay in Quezon but reality bit…I still had tons of work to do online and offline. Actually I’ve just awaken several minutes ago and right now, I’m checking my mails while reading up human growth hormone reviews. This is gonna be a long night, but I’m not complaining. I had a fun weekend, after all.
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