Another Line Increase from Citibank (And How I Reacted to It)

For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel happy after knowing that Citibank has just given me a line increase. I used to get excited whenever I’d get a surprise like this from credit card companies. I remember when I first landed a job after college, all I wanted to do was apply for a credit card. I even jumped for joy when I received my very first! Haha. (Obviously, I know better now.)

line increase
excerpt from the email I received from Citibank

From P45,000, my card’s credit limit is now P55,000. For some people who have cards with credit limit as high as P100,000 or more, this amount is small. But I guess I’m okay with a small credit limit. (My first card only had P15,000.) I’ve never really bothered to ask for a bigger credit limit even if I’m very much qualified now with my higher annual income.

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Shopping Fast: February Report

Note: I started my self-imposed shopping ban on January 1, 2014. I made it official online through this post, and called it a “shopping fast.” I also shared there the reasons why I took the challenge and laid down some rules to guide me while on it.

Shopping Fast: January Report

I think I deserve a reward because I finished February without shopping. Wohooo! It wasn’t easy, though. I had to resist all those shining, shimmering and splendid things I saw in the malls. I’m just so proud of myself. Haha.

Anyway, January passed by really fast that I didn’t have time to get tempted to shop. February, on the other hand, was a little slow. And Valentine’s Day was there to put shopping in spotlight again. Good thing we celebrated it late by having a double date with my parents in Tagaytay. It was more on eating and sight-seeing so I didn’t have to guard myself from buying anything fancy.

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A Shopping Fast

I started 2014 without shopping and have continued doing so until now. Well, except for the Asahi convection oven that I bought last Saturday which was actually a product of a trade-in. (The money I used for it came from the sales of the portable sewing machine I had sold with the help of my superfriend Nice.) This only means I’m on a sort of shopping fast. You know, instead of skipping food, I’m skipping shopping.

shopping fast
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With the kind of discipline and motivation I have right now when it comes to this self-imposed shopping ban, I think I can make a shopping fast possible this year. (I thought if I wanna embrace minimalism someday, I better start one baby step at a time, one activity that promotes minimalism at a time.) So I decided to make it official today. I need to set some rules, though. And so far, here are what I’ve thought of:

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Self-Imposed Shopping Ban

Note: I started my self-imposed shopping ban on January 1, 2014. I made it official online through this post, and called it a “shopping fast.” I also shared there the reasons why I took the challenge and laid down some rules to guide me while on it. I decided to include this post in my documentation and labeled it as my January report

If there’s one thing I’m really proud of last month, that would be the fact that I didn’t do any retail therapy. Of course, I did dine out with the hubby and shop for groceries but that was all. I was able to stop myself from indulging in the big 3’s of girl shopping: clothes, shoes, and accessories. It’s a feat on its own, I tell you.

I hope to continue this self-imposed shopping ban as long as I can. It will not only save me money, but it will also teach me to have more discipline and be more in control of my finances. I can imagine the next months will be harder because of the regular mall-wide sales and the various special occasions approaching (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.), but I will work on it.

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Shopping Ban = Fail

My efforts to not shop until December 1 was a big fail. I rang the shopping alarm last Friday when I took a leave from work to finish some errands. I happened to pass through the Landmark Department Store in Makati and it instantly became the venue of the crime. What made the matter worse was the fact that I was with my mother that time. We actually shopped together!

One can never say no to a smart, funny, loving, caring and persuasive mother. Or so I found out. It was just impossible not to give in to the wonderful things my mom was saying about those clothes and accessories. It was like she custom-made all of those items for me and what I only needed to do was buy and take them home. So off the good daughter approached the payment counter and bought them all. She even paid for the stuff her mom wanted for herself. Haha.

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