Our Passport Application Experience at the DFA Courtesy Lane for Government Employees

UPDATE: Just learned from a reliable source that only parents, spouses and children of the government employee are entitled to use the Courtesy Lane. Siblings (brothers and sisters) are excluded and have to make an appointment just like what ordinary applicants do.

Last November, I was able to book plane tickets to an Asian City for the boyfriend fiancee and I. Our travel will be in October 2011, just in time for our seventh anniversary as a couple. Yes, our relationship is that old. Haha. But I digress.

For over a week, I got overly excited about our out-of-the-country trip next year and thought I should prepare all our travel requirements in advance. One of them was the passport. I realized I haven’t applied for one yet and panicked a bit. I immediately checked out the DFA website and booked for an appointment for the two of us. The date I chose was December 22 at 9:00 a.m. I arranged the necessary documents required for our passport application and waited for our schedule to arrive.

The new Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) building is located on Macapagal Boulevard corner Bradco Avenue. It is the glass building right beside S&R. It is quite easy to locate especially for people who are familiar with the roads leading to the Mall of Asia (MOA).

Unlike me who had to go through the basic steps in passport application, Edwin only had to bring his old passport to get a new one. Despite all my preparations, I forgot to photocopy my supporting documents. We were running late for our appointment so I just prayed to God there was a photocopier machine inside the DFA compound.

It was a good thing Edwin remembered about the “courtesy lane” for government employees. (It’s a special section provided by the DFA to service the consular needs of government employees, their immediate families and senior citizens.) This meant we didn’t have to join the throng of people waiting outside to get accommodated. We just went straight to the second floor of the building (as advised by manong guard) where the courtesy lane was.

scene inside the courtesy lane for government employees during our visit

After having our documents checked and getting a number, we just waited for our turn at the consular section. There were only a handful of people that time and before we knew it, we were already dealing with the lady at the courier service booth to have our passports delivered right smack to our house (only for an additional P120). What a breeze, I tell you! I didn’t know being a government employee had perks like this.

The three steps in passport application at the courtesy lane for government employees:

Step 1. Collection of applications forms and issuance of number
Step 2. Checking of passport requirements
Step 3. Scanning of documents submitted, encoding of passport information and picture taking

OPTIONAL: Courier Service courtesy of LBC, P120

Things to bring when you’re applying for a passport at the courtesy lane for government employees (first-time passport application):

passport application form
NSO-authenticated birth certificate
photocopy of your valid government office ID (back and forth)
processing fee of P1,200

Things to bring when you’re applying for a passport at the courtesy lane for government employees (passport renewal):

passport application form
photocopy of your valid government office ID (back and forth)
photocopy of your old passport
processing fee of P1,200

My Tip: Bring a pen, just in case you have something to sign or extra form to fill-up!

After our visit to the DFA, we headed to Mall of Asia for lunch. It was the best decision ever because we got to try Taiwan’s famous crispy chicken chops at Big Daddy’s Chicken!

Now all we need is to save up as much money as we can to make sure we won’t get hungry during our travel! :)

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100 Responses to Our Passport Application Experience at the DFA Courtesy Lane for Government Employees

  1. i want to apply a passport.. im a government employee.. am i entitled in the courtesy lane? what are the requirements should i bring in applying a passport? thank you and God bless.

    • lifein says:

      yes all government employees are entitled to the courtesy lane. just bring two valid IDs and your passport application. if you’re renewing, bring your old passport (and a photocopy of it) as well.

  2. Ruth says:

    how long did the passport processing take (i.e., from the time you lodged your application at the courtesy lane up to the time you receive your new passport)? thanks!

    • lifein says:

      more or less an hour. :)

      Sorry, my fault. I didn’t read your question well….it takes at least 14 working days. :)

      • Roxan says:

        is it true that we can really get the passport less than an hour? I’m also a gov’t employee and I’m a new applicant for a passport. I just need it as soon as possible for a flight next week….. i want an assurance please….

        • lifein says:

          Of course, not. One hour refers to the application time alone, from the moment you enter the Courtesy Lane to the time you finish your application. The passport processing takes at least 14 working days. :)

      • lifein says:

        Sorry, my fault. I didn’t read your question well….it takes at least 14 working days. :)

  3. Don Lester says:

    i am a student, i just wanna ask if student ID can be accepted alone? i do not have any ID at all.

    • lifein says:

      yes, i believe so. just make sure you have your NSO-authenticated birth certificate with you and other supporting documents.

  4. YSA. says:

    hi.. my brother is a government employee.. he is a soldier and he is based somewhere in mindanao.. am i entitled in the courtesy lane? and just bring documents proving that he is my brother.. thanks..

    • lifein says:

      is your brother married? as far as i know, immediate family members can be taken in even without the government employee. if he’s married, the immediate family will be your parents and his children. if he’s single, then his immediate family will be you and your other siblings and your parents.

      if you want to clarify more, call DFA Consular Affairs Office at 556-000 TL.

  5. Eileen says:

    Thanks for this great info. How long did it take before you received your passport?

    • lifein says:

      It was supposed to be 14 working days but we got ours after 16. It was delayed by two days. Our passports were delivered to our house courtesy of LBC. There’s an LBC booth at the courtesy lane for government employees that offers this kind of service.

  6. che says:

    My parents are senior citizen and I am a govt employee, Do we need to get an appointment before we can proceed to the special lane? or can we go there directly?thanks..

  7. Jo Fitch says:

    THANK YOU so much for this post! Virtual angels! God bless! Will share my experience later!

  8. I just to know the requirements for change status of my passport. tnx!

    • lifein says:

      @geraldine: sorry I haven’t encountered that “change of status in passport” thing yet. I suggest you check out the consular affairs section of the DFA website for information.

      • TPS says:

        This reply might be too late na, pero in case others ask the same question: just bring your NSO-released marriage certificate (the one in security papers) or have your authenticated (by the municipal officer) marriage certificate be authenticated by the NSO (so twice authenticated).

        • lifein says:

          Thanks for this info, TPS! I need to have the status in my passport changed, too. From single to married. One day, asikasuhin ko. Hehe. :)

  9. Tanya Ann says:

    Is being a consultant of the House of Representatives (Congress) considered as government employee? So by then, can I use the courtesy Lane?

    • lifein says:

      I’m not so sure. But if you have GSIS ID to show, I think that’s a valid proof that you’re a government employee.

  10. Tanya Ann says:

    I’ll appreciate your immediate reply. I am going to China (with ticket and hotel) this second week of July 2011 and its my first time to apply my passport. I am nervous that I will be spending too much time applying for my passport and visa since im a newbie. I’ve been trying to call the DFA but their lines are always busy the whole day. What shall I do? I am a consultant at the House of Representatives (Congress), is that considered as government employee so I may be able to use the courtesy lane? Thanks

    • lifein says:

      If you have proof that you’re working there, Congress ID perhaps, then I think you’re entitled to use the courtesy lane. I suggest you secure your passport as soon as possible to save yourself from the hassles. :)

  11. bren says:

    i just wanna ask if how many days/weeks before the passport is release for a government employee..thanks

  12. kc says:

    hi, tanung ko lng po, kc nagwowork aq sa public school as an Local School BoARD plang hnd p permanent , tpos wla p kmi I.D galing DepEd ok lng b n magaply kmi ng passport kahit n i present lng nmin ung ID n ginagamit nmin sa public school?thanks

    • lifein says:

      This I cannot answer since you don’t have government ID to present yet. You may call DFA Consular Affairs para sure na may mangyayari sa pagpunta nyo kasi sayang naman kung di pala kayo ma-aaccommodate.

  13. Chris says:

    Hi! I am a single mother and I will get my 6-month old baby a passport. I already got an appointment on June 28 but she needs to have her passport ASAP. Can we use the courtesy lane because I am planning to go to manila next week. We’re from the province. Thanks.

    • lifein says:

      If you’re a government employee or a spouse of one, you will be accommodated at the Courtesy Lane. Otherwise, I’m afraid you will have to follow the appointment system.

  14. xedric dane says:

    Hi, ask ko lang. My stepmom is a government employee. Pwede kaya ako sa courtesy lane? Pupunta kasi sana kame sa monday eh. Dadalhin na lang ung marriage contract nila ng erpats ko. Pwede kaya ako? thank you so much.

    • lifein says:

      I think so. Yes, bring a copy of the marriage contract as supporting document. Please update us as to what will happen with your appointment so we could make this blog, particularly the comment section, more informative to more people. :)

  15. Carina says:

    Hi, may I ask where is the DFA office where the courtesy lane is? Thanks

    • lifein says:

      DFA-OCA building is located on Macapagal Blvd. corner Bradco Ave. It’s the glass building right beside S&R. The courtesy lane inside it is on the 2nd floor. Hope that helps.

  16. Cuthbert says:

    very cool blog! :)

  17. xedric dane says:

    okei. thanks

  18. xedric dane says:

    1,200 lang ba ang fee pag sa courtesy lane? wala ung tig 950??? thanks

  19. Kat says:

    Would you know what is the cut-off time of the lane? Is it open from 8 am to 5pm? Thanks!

  20. thea agena says:

    for renewal po ng passport, pano po pag retired na yung gov’t employee.. could still avail the privilage?

  21. kit says:

    gud am! i just wanna ask if i could avail d courtesy lane for my bro, im a government employee po. kelangan n kc mgrenew ng bro ng passport e, he got sched naman for renewal kaso s july 04 p mejo urgent n dn kc ang need nya for renewal. pwede po kaya un? tnx in advance

    • lifein says:

      As far as I know, immediate family members ng government employee ang inaaccommodate sa Coutesy Lane. If single ka pa, your brother is part of your immediate family. Pero if married ka na, your husband/wife and your children compose your immediate family, hindi na kasali ang parents and siblings mo.

  22. Jack says:

    ask ko lang po kung dapat na ba lagyan ng picture yung form para sa courtesy lane o dun na lang sa DFA mag pa picture? sa loob mismo? thanks sa reply po…

  23. josh says:

    hi po. kapag po government employee san kukuha ng application form?

    • lifein says:

      ang alam ko, pwede magdownload sa DFA website at meron din pino-provide na application forms sa mismong Courtesy Lane.

      • mary jane sosa santos says:

        hi! just want to ask about the courtesy lane, im a goverment employee and my husband needs to renew his passport because he is a seafarer, the problem is weve just got married last year and my government id’s were all in my single name, it is possible that we can avail the courtesy lane using our marriage contract as a proof that he’s my spouse? thank u very much! Godbless!

        • lifein says:

          You could always give it a try. I think pwede naman. Mas okay kasi ang courtesy lane mabilis lang and you don’t have to set an appointment, you only need to show up there. :)

  24. Raymond says:

    Hi! Government employee po ang sis ko but she’s already married. Pwede po ba ako dun sa courtesy lane? Thanks po.

  25. elpidio s. cansino jr says:

    hi im jr, i just wanted 2 ask if how is the process or what are the requirements for renewing passport bcoz my passport has expired last year and now im applying for a new work in Taiwan and i have to renew my passport, also how long will it take? thanks po.

  26. mischlle says:

    I’m a government employee. Do i need to bring passport size picture tnx

  27. Alan Mandocdoc says:

    My father is a Government employee do I need to be company of my father if Im going t renew my passport or I will bring my I.D. of my father instead..

  28. joy says:

    hi im joy I would like to ask where can we get the application form for first time application of passport

  29. joy says:

    hi , where can we get the application form if we will go in courtesy lane.

  30. ma. lourdes s. carillo says:

    i am a brgy. kagawad here in makati am i qualified to apply passport in courtesy lane?

  31. edith says:

    hi gudafternoon po; i am a brgy kagawad planning to renew my passport; just want to ask if i need to download my application or not since i am going to use the courtesy lane? thanx so much

  32. mhaye says:

    hi..un pa rin ba ung mga requirements pra sa courtesy lane?i mean kailangan pa ba ng nbi clearance..?nakakainis kc kumuha na nbiclearance ngayon…tnx

  33. arnel zamora says:

    ask ko lang po iyun po ba barangay councillor ay kasama sa government employees?entitled po ba sila sa courtesy lane?ano po ang mga requirements?

  34. Precious says:

    Hi! In the above post, it is mentioned that she was with her fiance. I just want to ask if a government employee’s fiance is also entitled to use the courtesy lane? It was not made clear that they are both government employees. Thanks!

  35. koolen reyes says:

    i have a sister applying for passport,..can she apply at the courtesy lane??

    • lifein says:

      Are you a government employee? I heard there’s a new rule that only accept the parents and the spouse of the government employee.

  36. alvinf says:

    hello! i’m also a gov’t employee.. can we avail of the courtesy lane even after 5pm? i saw in the dfa website that the appointment is until 5:30pm.. thanks..

    • lifein says:

      If you saw it on the DFA website, then it must be reliable. If you’re going to the COurtesy Lane, though, you really don’t need to set an appointment. :)

  37. gerard mendoza says:

    hi.. ask ko lng sana if pwede pa ako sa courtesy lane my mom and dad was a goverment employee ang problem kasal na ako sa gf ko ( secret marriage lng kme gnawa namin un kc aalis na cya at mgwowork sa abroad so wala pang nakakaalam) pwede pa kaya ako gusto kc ng wife ko married na lagay ko sa status ko kc para madali daw nya ako mkuha panu kaya un?? thanks

  38. marilyn gonzales says:

    Hello po.. Ask ko lang kung paano kapag nawala yung passport ko kasi na-snatch yung bag ko nakuha lhat ng documents ko eh gusto ko po ulit mag-apply ng bago.. Nung April 2010 ko po nakuha yung passport ko before.. Paano po kapag gusto ko po kumuha ulit ano po ba yung mga requirements na kailangang dalhin. Thanks po

    • lifein says:

      I don’t know the complete set of requirements you need to bring but I believe you should have an affidavit of loss to prove you really lost your passport. :)

  39. Diane B says:

    I applied for the renewal of my passport thru courtesy lane (i’m a gov’t employee) on Dec. 27. I paid P1,200.00 and was told that Jan 06, 2012 will be the release of my passport. I paid P120 at LBC for the delivery. LBC said my passport will be delivered on Jan 07. It arrived only today – Jan 25.

  40. Maria Mildred Ambrosio-Villar says:

    I am a government employee. I will be applying for my passport renewal. My married daughter, her husband and her minor daughter will also renew their passports. Can they be accomodated at the courtesy lane?

  41. LILY says:

    I am a gov’t employee and a senior citizen. I am applying for a passport of my 6yrs old grandkid whose mom works abroad. I am the guardian. can I avail of the courtesy lane? thanks.

  42. jane says:

    Until now b may courtesy lane pa din for government employees? I will be applying kc for passport.. I am also a government employee..

  43. imee says:

    is there a cut of no of applicants for courtesy lane for a day what time is the opening for courtesy lane

  44. ark says:

    may xerox machine ba sa DFA? nakalimutan ko kc i xerox mga requirements ko knina..
    8am sched ko bukas..

  45. Raquel Nimpa R. Cruz says:

    Hi, good morning id like to know if the courtesy lane for government employee is still available? I am going to renew my passport maybe next month and id like to be sure since i will be travelling all the way from Batangas. By the way is there any particular or definite time for the govt. coutesy lane (time will open). Thank you in advance

  46. rain says:

    is the courtesy lane for government employee still exist? thank you

  47. Kit says:

    Hi, no need to set an appointment online for gov employees and dependents? Thank u

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